How The March 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign's Relationships All Month, According To Astrology

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How The March 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign's Relationships All Month, According To Astrology
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Some months begin with a bang, ushering in new energy that we immediately feel. And while February did just that, as the monthly love horoscope for March 2020 moves in, our zodiac signs will feel the energy that's much different.

In part, this is because the Mercury retrograde we began back in February is still going, but the other factor is that the active last week of February continues into March 4th, with transits involving Venus, Saturn and Mercury. So, if we had any thoughts that maybe we could fly low under the radar and that our feelings and thoughts will pass we’re slowly learning we can’t.

The energy of the March 2020 love horoscope starts to shift when Mercury in retrograde moves into Aquarius on March 4th, shifting the focus from repressed feelings to deciding to live the life we want.

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Aquarius isn’t a big planning sign, but it is the sign that likes to do things different. And with Venus still in Aries until the 5th, when she shifts into Taurus, we’re going to feel fired up to act in our personal lives.

Once Mercury in Aquarius and Venus in Taurus overlap, we’re going to be driven to do what feels good, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it or if it’s socially acceptable. Mercury is still retrograde until March 10th, so it might be slow progress, if there's any forward movement at all, or it’s happening more quietly behind the scenes.

On March 8th, we experience two conjunctions with Venus and Uranus in Taurus, and the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. Nearing the time of the full moon in Virgo on March 9th, this is a lot of energy to contend with — and still have Mercury in retrograde, which isn’t going to necessarily help our thought processes! But slowly, the pieces are coming together.

Just to have an idea of the energy that’s present around this time, Venus is love while Uranus is big changes. The Sun is how we move within this world, and Neptune is our dreams, while Virgo is all about planning and figuring out the details. Are you catching onto the theme?

We can’t really put it off forever, regardless of what it happens to be. But just as February brought in a lot of introspection when it comes to love relationships, this month we’re being asked, “Well now what?” 

We can’t learn new information but stick to old ways. We can’t learn our lessons yet still participate within the trials that got us here. At some point, once we know better, we must make the decision to do better.

But progress is slow, even if we know where we want to go and even if we’re taking steps there. Unfortunately, what we find is that fools do rush in, and while romantic and fun, it doesn’t mean it’s always the right choice.

This luckily is the energy that Uranus in Taurus will bring into this month, because any changes we do make and any actions we take will be grounded in nature.

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On March 10th, we see Mercury turn direct, so things get easier, but it will still be slow or a time of challenges from then until the 16th. During this window, we see a few different transits involving the Sun in Pisces and Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Pluto, which is a lot of expansion, truth-bringing, and passionate love energy.

But we have a week here of Mercury technically direct in an active air sign like Aquarius, before he moves back into Pisces on the 16th, once again making us feel what we’re still trying to avoid. Or, maybe it’s not that we don’t know what we’re feeling, but we’re still wrestling with whether or not we can live with not acting on what we feel, which is an entirely different question.

From March 16th, it’s a pretty quiet time, which may just be what we need to consider if these feelings we have are something we can live with forever. If we’re okay not knowing the answer to our question, or never really knowing how it all could turn out, on the 20th we enter Aries season, and also celebrate the Vernal Equinox (or Autumnal Equinox if in the Southern Hemisphere). We forget all the reasons why we shouldn’t and can only think about how good it will feel to be honest, to speak our truth,  and to just put it all out there.

Of course, this comes in perfect timing as on March 22nd, with 22 being a great master number in astrology, Saturn moves into Aquarius, which is exactly what we need to learn why any reward worth having is worth the risk to achieve it. Saturn is the planet that rules our boundaries and can often teach the hard lessons of life.

In Aquarius, though, Saturn takes on a humanitarian, spiritual and connected energy where, of course, there is some karma associated with it. But it’s also a very auspicious time.

Those who join romantically in whatever sense we’re speaking of in a Saturn in Aquarius transit are those whose purpose extends beyond the 3D physical of being a couple in union. These relationships end up being incredibly powerful and high vibrating, so we’re opening a doorway of seeing exactly why everything happened and why we needed to take the path we did to arrive at this moment.

On March 24th, we celebrate the new moon in Aries and then welcome Mars in Aquarius on the 30th, ushering in a powerful time for rewriting history, making amends, and not letting anything (including ourselves) stop us from the life we’ve always dreamed of.

We end the month on a pretty strong note with a Mars and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, giving us the courage to break free, the knowledge to know where to do it, and the confidence to know this is the time to act. Because we no longer want to put off what has always been meant for us from the beginning.

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