What The Mercury-Venus Sextile (1 Of 4 In 2020!) Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships This Month, According To Astrology

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What The Mercury-Venus Sextile (1 Of 4 In 2020!) Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships This Month, According To Astrology
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If there is a theme so far for 2020, it’s that if we truly want something, we must speak up, we must act, and we must not be afraid of what could happen.

And this rings true when Mercury sextile Venus, with Mercury in Aquarius and Venus in Aries, on March 4th. This is a theme in astrology as we begin March on a very different note than February, thanks to the shift of Mercury into Aquarius as part of his first retrograde of the year.

Sextiles between these two often only occur twice a year, but this year, as with perfect 2020 fashion, it happens four times: in March, April, September and October. For our zodiac signs, love horoscopes, and romantic relationships, it's a time of great change.

In astrology, sextiles are a point of karmic balancing when we receive the benefits of redirection from previous communication of action.

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Classically defined as when two planets create an aspect of about 60 degrees, it’s seen as a positive and beneficial one, yet it’s deeper than that. It’s just receiving payback for all the work we’ve put into making the choices that align with who we truly are.  

Mercury is the planet that rules our thought process and communication with others. Currently in retrograde motion until March 10th (or later, if we consider his post-shadow phase), we can find ourselves dealing more with feelings, thoughts and even people from our pasts.

Usually known for bringing that ex back into our lives, Mercury retrograde isn’t about us having to deal with a painful or bothersome situation again just because, but rather we missed the first time around and if we made the choice that most closely aligns with our soul contract for this life.

Therefore, Mercury retrograde often brings up what we would prefer to deal with, because rarely do we do what we are meant to or what is in our best interest. We need time to process, to review, and to get that chance to reevaluate something from our pasts as the person we’ve grown into.

While Mercury has been moving through Pisces during his retrograde, and likely bringing all types of feelings up for review, we haven’t really felt that push to take action — until now, that is. With Mercury having just moved into rebellious and freedom-loving Aquarius today, it means we’re now more focused on what can we redo from our pasts instead of just what to re-feel.

Aquarius is an air sign that doesn’t really care about going the popular way or even the path most traveled; instead, this sign actually delights in doing the untraditional and expected just because it can. Aquarius doesn’t put a lot of stock in “shoulds,” so what we all come to realize during this transit is that if we’re not happy, it doesn’t really matter if others are.

While sometimes Aquarius is considered selfish by those who doesn’t understand autonomy, it really is about learning to follow the call of our own soul. And while Aquarius tends to have this affect on Mercury at any time during a retrograde, this energy becomes especially potent.

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Mercury in Aquarius means that after we’re done feeling what we were meant to, we can move on to thinking about it and then begin communicating it with others, all so we can make those changes we’re seeking. While this can affect any area of our lives because of the joining together with Venus in Aries, it means we’re going to feel this most within our relationships.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and even finances, and in Aries she gets challenged to be more direct, adventurous, passionate and spontaneous. Venus in Aries doesn’t let an opportunity pass her by.

Where we sometimes talk ourselves out of what we want, when Venus is in Aries, we just go for it. This energy is very similar in nature to the determination that Mercury in Aquarius feels, which is something we should welcome into our lives; however, we do still have to exercise caution.

It’s a good rule of thumb to remember that while beginning something completely new (like getting serious with someone we met during the retrograde, or becoming engaged or married), it is acceptable and even beneficial timing to restart a relationship or have discussions about restarting.

From now until the end of March is the best time to try this out; to spend time, date and talk with someone (if we’re taking a second chance at love), and figure out what this feels like now. But hold off making things serious or official until the beginning of April; once we hit that point, we will be out of Mercury’s post-shadow phase and experiencing more clarity to help us make choices based in our authenticity.

We usually only get two shots a year, and working with the Mercury-Venus sextile energy means we’re being encouraged to stand up and speak our truth and go after whatever and whoever we want. But this year, we get four chances.

There’s no mistaking that this year is about making sure we’re saying what we mean, that we’re being honest with ourselves and others, and that when it comes to love, we’re speaking our truth.

Many times, we get into the most difficult, challenging, even sad situations simply because we refused to speak a truth we felt. Whether it was because ego challenged it or fear stopped it, it’s the repressed truth that will grow and manifest into regret and self-sabotaging behaviors.

But this year, we’re being encouraged to do what scares us, to forget what came before, and to take a chance.

This transit means taking a chance on ourselves, on truth and on love. Because only once we’re brave enough to say what we want, we will also be ready to finally accept it into our lives.

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