4 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Most Luck In Love While Jupiter Is In Capricorn — Until December 2020

Love comes to those who wait, star signs.

4 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Best Love Life While Jupiter Is In Capricorn Candice Picard via @unsplash

Capricorn season begins on December 20 and lasts until January 22, but Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune is in the sign of Capricorn until December 19, 2020.

What does Jupiter in Capricorn mean for your love life, according to astrology?

First, let’s look at Jupiter. As the ruler of the ninth house, Jupiter commands free-spirited, outspoken Sagittarius and education.

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Sagittarius is the zodiac sign who teaches us to embrace a worldly view on a variety of topics, while Jupiter helps put our interests in motion.

Whether you want to learn more about spirituality and religion, politics and the world, or love and relationships, Jupiter and Sagittarius are the ones to turn to for motivation and stamina.

Jupiter is also the planet of good luck. Not only can it help you pursue your goals, but it can also ensure your efforts in love don’t go wasted. Jupiter transit Capricorn is a highly important and ambitious placement.

On its own, Capricorn is already very motivated and determined to succeed. Whether it’s in your professional, personal, or romantic life, Capricorn is the zodiac sign that will help push you toward greatness.


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Now that Jupiter is also involved, you have an even greater chance of getting everything you want this year. Think of Jupiter as the wind in your sails. Capricorn is the ship that is moving you ever onward, and Jupiter is that extra push you need to make things happen.

You may have to take some risks and trust the process — even if you’re unsure of where you’ll end up when the year is through — but now is the time to put faith in yourself.

When it comes to relationships and love, it can be daunting to go into a new relationship or commit to a current relationship without knowing exactly what will happen. Don’t underestimate the pairing of Jupiter and Capricorn during this time.


While Capricorn is much more discerning and stable than risky and curious Jupiter, it makes sense that this zodiac sign and the planet would be the exact pairing you need for your love life.

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No matter what your focus is during this year, Capricorn is sure to set you on a quest to be your best self. That said, Jupiter is in fall in this zodiac sign placement. This means that it can be extra challenging to reach your goals this year.

Don’t let that intimidate you, though. While there will most likely be a lot of giving and take while Jupiter is in Capricorn, having these opposite energies working in tandem will eventually get you where you need to be.


While Jupiter may entice you to throw caution to the wind, Capricorn is what will keep you focused and on track.

When it feels like things are settling into a boring, predictable routine in Capricorn, Jupiter will be there to motivate you to try something new.

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You may feel uncomfortable or confused during this time, but it’s best to trust your gut and remember what you want to be more intentional about in life and love.

When it comes to love, things can already feel confused and complicated without these opposing energies adding to the mix. Above everything else, listen to what’s most important to you.


Jupiter and Capricorn are just the added bonuses to an already amazing life you’re leading — trust yourself.

Keep reading to learn more about the zodiac signs who have the best love life while Jupiter is in Capricorn, according to astrology.

Leo to find love while Jupiter is in Capricorn, give up your pride.

Jupiter activates your sixth house of well-being until December 2020.

It’s obvious you like being in control, Leo. Anyone who knows you knows that you get where you are in life because you take charge and go after what you want.

The same can be said for your love life. When you put your mind to starting a new relationship or cultivating an existing one, you set yourself up for success.


During Jupiter in Capricorn season, it will be up to you to let this sign take the reins for a change. It’s not easy giving up control but think of Capricorn’s natural drive and motivation as the wind in your sails.

You don’t need a motor to push you along further; let go and enjoy where love takes you. Focus on the emotional and intellectual connections you have with others right now.

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Libra, to find love while Jupiter is in Capricorn, take a risk.

Jupiter activates your fourth house of confidence until December 2020.

Capricorn is going to be the force that makes your love life especially great this year, Libra. You may already have an idea of what you want in life when it comes to love, but Capricorn is the zodiac sign that will give you that extra nudge to make it happen.


When it comes to love, you are already loyal and loving; you know what it takes to make a relationship last. While Jupiter is in Capricorn, you will notice more opportunities to commit and make definitive decisions for your future.

It can be hard for you to get out of your indecisive head space, but with Capricorn’s energy influencing you this year, you will have more luck locking love down. Of course, it will be up to you to embrace these opportunities when they come along.

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Scorpio, to find love while Jupiter is in Capricorn, follow your heart.

Jupiter activates your third house of communication until December 2020.


Capricorn’s determination to succeed and motivation, coupled with your laser-like focus, will make this a season of love for you, Scorpio.

Since you and Capricorn both understand the value of hard work and dedication to things that are most important to you, think of Capricorn as the extra support you need to make things happen for you.

You may notice a powerful, driving energy surrounding you this year. This is Capricorn’s influence opening all kinds of doors to love.

Whatever you wish for during this Jupiter in Capricorn transit is bound to come true, so think carefully about what you want to put out into the Universe as it has great potential to happen.


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Pisces, dream big to find love while Jupiter is in Capricorn.

Jupiter activates your eleventh house of friendships until December 2020.

You are the dreamer of the zodiac, Pisces. You have so many thoughts and dreams about what it takes to love and be loved, however, it’s not always easy for you to put these dreams into motion.

During Jupiter in Capricorn, this will change. Think of Capricorn as your personal love guru. This zodiac sign knows how to make things happen.

While you will continue to be the brains of the operation, Capricorn will be the one manifesting your greatest desires into reality.


Under Capricorn’s influence this year, you are likely to have a lot of luck in love. You already know what kind of relationship you are looking for, so it will be up to you to trust Capricorn to bring these dreams into reality.

If ever you find yourself second-guessing what you want, or pulling away from manifesting the love you deserve, try to imagine how Capricorn would handle the situation and find confidence within yourself.

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