How The Jupiter-Uranus Trine Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until October 2028

Just say yes!

How The Jupiter Uranus Trine Is Going To Ask Us To Risk It All getty

We get a flash of opportunity and excitement as Jupiter trine Uranus with Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. On December 15th, this transit will inspire us to take risks that just may change our lives forever.

A trine in astrology is when two planets are within 120 degrees of one another, creating a positive, beneficial energy that filters down to our own lives and experiences. The last time this transit occurred was the end of June 2015, and the next time we see this transit is in October of 2028!


While this transit can occur each year at times, it can also go long gaps or occur multiple times a year. It’s a sporadic transit and isn't as reliable as others, which only adds to the sensation that this is creating a moment of chance and opportunity that may not come again.

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We are still within the first days of our new Jupiter transit, so we are still becoming adjusted to the new energy and, in some ways, may still be working through any remaining Sagittarian influences. Just a few days ago, Jupiter began his new transit through the earth sign of Capricorn, which will last until the end of December 2020. This is quite different than the Sagittarian path he just finished up, although we can still expect to see some of those themes continue.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. He likes to make everything bigger, better, and more amazing. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, abundance, our future, dreams, horizons, and the possibilities that exist for all of us if we don’t let ourselves become the block between abundance and lack.

When this planet moves through different zodiac signs, he takes on different qualities and ideas, which means the affect it has on us will change as well.

In Sagittarius, the transit he just finished up, we were all expanded in the areas of spirituality, travel, career and possibilities. It was a time when many saw career changes or advancements. So while Jupiter is changing signs, it doesn’t mean that anything that began around this time will no longer exist; it means it’s going to develop further, and we all want a little bit of Jupiter in Capricorn energy, even if we don’t know it.


While in Sagittarius, we became distracted by too many options and choices. In Capricorn, we seem to hone in on what will lead to success, what we are meant to participate in, and what will ultimately lead to more opportunities down the road.

We learn how to take the shortest path between two points; we work smarter, not necessarily harder, and we do it all in the vein of expansion. But we all have learned that sometimes, certain situations, relationships, foundations or even structures don’t want to expand — they can’t expand.

They fear growth, change, and don’t want to get any bigger; they don’t want to evolve and instead are looking to constrict. To stay the same, to keep their illusions of control.

For those, this transit spells nothing short of absolute chaos because Jupiter doesn’t care about what we are comfortable with; he only concerns himself with helping all of us grow, even if we resist the very thing we need.


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As this specific aspect occurs, Jupiter is just moving over the first few degrees of Capricorn and just getting settled into this new role of upending outdated structures and models, and giving us a more grounded base on which to build those dreams we have. It’s the point where all those ideas we had last year, all that new momentum and drive, now finds out how it’s going to move forward, with the idea of a sustainable pace and practice.

But Uranus is the planet of shock and awe, so even though it’s in another earth sign, Taurus, it may seem hard-pressed to understand how a planet that only seems to disrupt our paths will actually be a part of grounding us even further. But the difference is not just in the astrological aspect that they are creating, but also the signs these two planets are in.

We all need earth and grounding to know where our footing is, and to be able to feel secure and safe. Jupiter in Capricorn is giving us a strong sense of knowledge in how to root our dreams so they can grow, while also giving us that sense of security found within so we can make the external changes needed.


Uranus is still causing trouble behind the scenes, though. He’s still got his own agenda, even if it looks nothing like our own. But the difference is while his past cycle through Aries was literally all about burning those bridges we should no longer cross, this new phase that began in early 2019 is all about creating structures within our lives that are solid and will stand the test of time.

Together, these two planets will bring an opportunity for change into our lives. A moment where we might be faced with a decision or chance we hadn’t planned for, that may trigger or make us nervous. But that doesn’t mean it’s not what we’re meant to experience.

In this situation, these two planets are giving us a bright, sparkling moment; a beautiful risk that potentially could not only lead to greater expansion within our own lives, but may turn out to be what we’ve always dreamed of.

While this transit could bring some surprises into your romantic life, it also could affect your career, your living situation, or even something more personal to you. Anything is up for grabs with this transit.


The one thing we must remember is that we always experience what we need to, and while sometimes we want the clean and easy way, sometimes the only way to learn is to experience it. So, take that chance, say yes, jump and figure out the rest later.

All you need to do in this moment is be willing to risk it all.  

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