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How Jupiter Moving Into Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until December 2020

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How Jupiter In Capricorn Will Affect All Of 2020

Every zodiac sign will feel a big shift as Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 2nd, remaining until December 2020. This is a year-long transit in astrology, one that Capricorn will likely take as a time for settling in, but that is ultimately necessary for where we are on our journey. 

Last November, Jupiter moved into Sagittarius for a 13-month transit of this independent and adventurous fire sign. During this time period, many of us took chances we normally wouldn’t take and felt our worlds open up in ways we couldn’t have previously imagined.

Sagittarius can be reckless at times, or at the very least impulsive. So while we took chances, it’s also likely that we made some choices that may not have been in our best interest or didn't work out as we had planned. This is why there's such balance to astrology.

Jupiter in Capricorn is very different energy. As the biggest planet, this is the energy that makes us take a step out of ourselves and open up to life.

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While it rules abundance, good luck, and expansion, it’s also known as the teacher of the zodiac. Jupiter will bring us opportunities that can help us grow, and not only experience more of life but also become more successful.

Capricorn is an earth sign, which means that 2020 will have a more grounded feel, one that actually began in 2019 with the Mayan New Year in the symbol of the Deer, and Uranus changing signs into Taurus for the next seven years. Although we had this positive energy, we were still in the midst of so many important lessons, so we couldn’t actually enjoy or really see the manifestation of what this energy shift can mean for us in our life. 

But this next year is different. With Jupiter moving into Capricorn, not only are we adding to that grounded energy for us to build our lives with, but we’re also going to be focusing on what can really grow. Jupiter in Capricorn is ambitious energy, but unlike in Sagittarius, when we chased every pipedream that came down the chain, in Capricorn we’re more discerning. We’re only going to pursue what we see potential with, and while this means we will be taking less risk, what we do try has a greater chance of being successful. 

In our lives, in general, this means that if we’re on a path of self-growth, our energy is going to be more concentrated on how we can build a life we want as our authentic selves, and less about chasing clouds or passing fancies. We will still be moving forward and experimenting, but that idea of success and working for something we’re committed to will dominate our reasoning.

Because of this, any big life changes we’ve been making will become more apparent, and we will feel that we’re transitioning to the other side of what we’ve been going through. 

With our careers, this is a wonderful balance of energy after Sagittarius last year. Many switched jobs, careers or had big moves within their professional lives. In some cases, feeling all over the place or as if life had suddenly taken off on its own, we were lacking control over the direction.

Overall, Jupiter’s movement in Sagittarius was great for our careers, but we are hoping we can potentially slow down a little bit this year. That maybe we don’t have to work as hard and we’ll be able to focus on what is most important to us.

During this next year, while we will still have our nose to the grindstone, we won’t have to work as hard because we’re going to be working smarter instead. By the end of 2020, we should see some solid progress towards our goals, and feel more centered and grounded within our paths.

But really, what so many of us what to know is how this is going to affect our love horoscopes and love lives. Those who have been dating and those who perhaps have been working on healing and building up their self-love for themselves.

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This past year has brought a lot of surprises as far as relationships go, and for many of us we’re not where we had anticipated or even hoped to be. Things fell apart that we didn’t expect, and people turned out to have very different intentions than we believed. 

There have been times where we felt lost, where we needed to get our footing again, but what most of us felt in need of was a reason to have hope again. A reason to believe that all of the past situations in our relationships wouldn’t be what defines our future and that it was possible to fall in love and have it last forever. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius took a lot of chances; sometimes those panned out and sometimes we learned that no matter how much we risk, if the person we love isn’t willing to throw it all on the line too, it doesn’t matter. In Capricorn, though, energy is much more grounded, pragmatic and thoughtful. We are looking for growth and adventure, but we’re being more conservative and practical about what we say yes to. 

For those in committed relationships, there might feel like a calm or peace that comes in and helps to settle any past disturbances or situations. We’re going to be more traditional in moving forward together as a couple and the decisions we make regarding a shared future. While not as fun, by the end of the year it’s likely you’ll be able to measure considerable growth towards a goal like buying a house or saving for that trip or wedding. 

This transit is arriving just in time for all those who have spent the year single or who are newly available. Jupiter in Capricorn means that while we’re open to love, we’re not going to accept every offer. We’re going to be less likely to be scrolling on Tinder for dates and more likely to try opening our schedule up to include new places and activities.

Finally, it seems after all of our lessons we’re ready to act from a place of boundaries and only engage with those who are of value to us and our lives. And, of course, those we can actually picture a life with.

If your goal is to be in a committed relationship, it’s likely as long as you put yourself out there and don’t repeat the lessons of your past. As this transit wraps up in 2020, you’ll be cuddling up with the love of your life.

The really amazing thing about Jupiter in Capricorn is that while we’re still looking to expand and grow, we’re doing it in a more logical and realistic way. While we may still take that risk and jump, with this transit we’re going to have our parachute in place just in case.

We’ve learned that while we want our wings, we will forever need our roots, too.

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