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How The Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction In Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until February 2021

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How The Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction In Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until February 2021

While it’s important to make plans, it’s also essential to make sure we’re enjoying the journey as well. And our zodiac signs will get a taste of that when Mercury conjunct Jupiter, with Mercury in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn too.

This January 2nd astrology transit reminds us of this important mentality and gives us some amazing opportunities to do just that.

A conjunction is when two planets meet up in the same sign — in this case, Capricorn — which means they combine energies and act together almost as one singular force.

This transit is somewhat irregular because of the variation of Mercury’s orbit. Occurring usually once, but up to three times a year, this can even skip years altogether, which is what happened in 2019.

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We went from this occurring three different times in 2018, helping us to plan but also allow for the joy of spontaneity, the last one occurring on December 21st, 2018 to this one in January. That’s quite a time gap for a transit we experienced three times just a year ago!

While each conjunction can stand alone, there is also a greater theme and picture presenting itself. It's another actual trademark of this aspect: the ability to help us see the bigger picture.

To be able to gain insight into what this is for you, take a look at the dates this occurred in 2018: October 29th, November 27th and December 21st. Reflect on what was occurring around this time, dramas were playing out, conflicts were up in the air and even plans were beginning to be forged.

The next step in completing this astrological puzzle is to see how this affected your 2019. At the time of those transits in 2019, Jupiter had just begun his year-long stint in Sagittarius. A time for us to have our horizons broadened and paths changed. A year for us to step out from our comfort zone and try things we normally wouldn’t.

But for our zodiac signs, these transits were also about becoming more in touch with our purpose and even what the meaning of our life is.

As Jupiter turned into Capricorn at the beginning of December — Mercury has also finally left his prolonged shadow periods, and retrograde returned once again to his normal speed through the signs — this is a great time for us to look at 2019 and see how we did with Sagittarius’ challenge to our lives.

No opportunity is ever lost, and no aspect of fate can ever be ruined. But sometimes, we aren’t ready for the leap that the universe asks us to take. And the thing is, that’s okay. We are not living on a deadline or under the guise of "if we don’t have or do something by a specific time, we have lost the opportunity altogether."

Instead, it’s like our own personal game of leveling up and learning; once we complete one level, we automatically move up because we’re ready. and while we may have to push ourselves a bit, it’s never about forcing ourselves to do something our souls are resisting.

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To have this alignment between Mercury and Jupiter occurring at the beginning of this year, it's about reminding us where the good stuff is, and that while it’s essential to plan and have goals, it’s also about leaving room for the unimaginable.

Jupiter in Capricorn is very different energy than Sagittarius, and while there is a part of this transit that is meant to overthrow the outdated, it’s also gifting us with the ability to know what is meant for us, and what isn’t.

Jupiter in Capricorn doesn’t chase pipedreams like in Sagittarius. His vision is more focused, and because of that he takes calculated risks because he knows what will succeed and what won’t.

Taking this into account changes the resolutions we’re going to make, because they won’t be astronomical or farfetched; instead, we will be able to accomplish them before the end of the year. The next time this this transit occurs is February 11th 2021, and at that time we’ll be in a new Jupiter era of Aquarius. So, this transit itself is really that amazing opportunity to be able to discern what is meant for us, what isn’t, and then plan around that.

It seems the one thing we all learned in 2019 is that as much as we do need to plan and be more grounded, we still need to dream. We still need magic and faith that there is a greater force and purpose for all of this; that the meaning of life is beyond making it through to retirement with a healthy 401k or pension; that perhaps there really is a specific purpose for us on this earth; that we don’t find it by planning and making logical choices, but by taking risks, following our hearts and allowing happiness to be reason enough.

Mercury in Capricorn is more grounded and pragmatic, which is a nice balance to Jupiter. While the planet of luck and abundance will want to see if he can touch the stars, Mercury, the planet of communication and thought processes, will be there to help us make those plans and have the conversations we need to with those involved.

We also have to remember that we are still in the midst of the two-week eclipse window where anything goes. That itself is a reminder we can make all the plans we want, but it doesn’t mean they are actually going to happen or that they were a good idea in the long run.

Yes, we must plan to a degree, we must work for what we want to grow or build in this life. But we are also meant to enjoy the ride. We’re meant to be happy, to be in love, to laugh, to stay up watching the moon rise, and to be amazed that not only this is our life but that we get to live it.  

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