What The February 9th Leo Full Moon Means For Your Love Life & Relationships Over The Next Months, Per Astrology

What The February 9 Leo Full Moon Means For Your Love Horoscopes & Relationships For The Next 6 Months, Per Astrology
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If there’s been any sort of lingering 2019 confusion, it will get cleared up as we welcome the full moon in Leo on February 9th. In astrology, full moons are a time for endings, and vaulting the fruition of any dreams or intentions we had planted in that same zodiac sign's new moon.

For us, this means thinking back to July 31st, 2019 with the new moon in Leo that we experienced at that time. Think about what was going on in your life and love horoscope: what was starting, beginning, what you hoped for, if you were honoring your truth, and, specifically, what your heart was telling you around this time.

We often think of looking back as a negative, but in terms of understanding and working with the power of the moons, being aware of how our lives align with the lunar cycles will enable us to make the most of these natural cycles of growth and opportunity.

The next Leo new moon will be on August 19th, 2020, so now is the time to work through last summer, and not carry over anything that's meant to be left behind.

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Leo is the zodiac sign that rules the Sun and the heart, which means it’s going to be extremely helpful to see what really matters. Leo is a fire sign that is passionate and, not surprisingly, heart-driven. Leo is courageous, bold, and is ready to strike out in the direction he feels called to. Leo doesn’t sit around questioning his feelings or how others would react; if he wants something, as most fire signs do, he goes after it.

To have a Leo full moon during this emotional month means only one thing: we’re going to get that extra oomph to go after what our heart wants. For many of us, it’s not so much the action of following our hearts that trips us up, but in discovering what our hearts really desire.

The reason we have such a difficult time with this is that we prejudge ourselves on what we think we feel or even how others would judge us. So, recognizing what direction our hearts want to go in is the first and most difficult step; once we acknowledge this, doing them becomes almost automatic in many areas, even if we still must make that conscious choice to say yes.

Our truth is made up of who we truly are at our core, in similar aspects to the Sun's affect on our behavior. The Sun rules how we move within this world, so Leo as the ruler of this planetary body will have greater influence over helping direct us in the direction of our truth.

But Leo isn’t just concerned with whether we’re living authentically or not, but if we are listening and following our hearts. While we have an inner truth that represents our most authentic presence in this world, our hearts have an internal compass that guides us towards what and who we care about.

When we speak of following our hearts, this is what we mean: not just living the truth of what feels right to us, but in listening to our hearts and the secrets that hide there until we’re ready to accept them. Leo is brave, values his heart as much as his mind, craves passion, connection and the gratification from living life as boldly as loudly as he can.

For all of us, this is the energy we will feel during this intense month of February. While Leo season may be in the summer months, Pisces season is one of love.

In looking at how the astrology is building this month surrounding this full moon in Leo, we have to take into consideration the Mercury pre-shadow phase in Pisces. While he’s not officially turning retrograde until February 17th, we’re still feeling him strongly, especially in terms of emotions or feelings coming back from the past; we’re going to have to deal with whether we actually want to or not.

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We’re also seeing aspects involving Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and even Juno turning retrograde, all leading up to this lunation on the 9th.

Juno is the asteroid that governs commitment and marriage, specifically. Going retrograde means that many of us may be on track to reconsider our nuptials or intended vows, which is supported by Venus, the planet of love, and Pluto and Uranus, the planets that are responsible for divulging secrets and sudden changes.

At the time of this lunation there is also an aspect being made with Uranus, adding to the possibility of an unexpected development in terms of our relationships occurring.

February will be the month that our path is determined for the rest of the year, when we’re in the place to face and deal with the issues from 2019. While we all like to shout goodbye to the past when we ring in the new year, it doesn’t mean that past is meant to stay firmly there, especially if there’s still something to learn and if our past is tied to our future.

The reality is that we don’t know. We only can make decisions and judgements within our lives and matters of our heart up to the point of experience. For us, that means only this moment, so we don’t truly know the meaning of an event or role for a person, even though we may be uncomfortable with that unknowingness.

To find our heart during this full moon in Leo, we first must suspend what we thought was real or even possible.

We must erase the slate of what we think we know in order to discover not only where our heart lies, but to follow it. Time teaches us that there is nothing more valuable than where we feel directed by that internal heart-centered compass — a specialty of Leo.

Because we only become lost when we don’t follow our heart.

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