How Mercury Moving Into Pisces Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Before Going Retrograde On February 17th

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How Mercury In Pisces Is Going To Change The Game Completely For Our Relationships
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We often overlook the importance of our dream world, which is why, with Mercury moving into Pisces on February 3rd, we get that much needed time to delve into the deepest parts of ourselves so we can build a more authentic life.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that governs our communications, including our inward thought processes and our external words we speak to others. Depending upon which zodiac sign the winged messenger is transiting through, it affects how we internalize the energy and see it play out in our lives.

Mercury is the planet that handles all aspects of our communication, both internal and external. Often, we just think of Mercury as the planet that can cause email glitches during retrogrades, but his power also extends to our internal thought process.

Depending upon the sign Mercury is moving through, we can see our thoughts, our words and our actions impacted, becoming more introspective, quick-witted and logical.

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While each sign has both its positive and negative aspects, it is all about the larger aspect of balance. We need the Mercury in Virgo energy (detail-orientated and analytical) just as much as we need the Mercury in Pisces energy (more feeling; focusing on the unseen) because to be balanced, we must have both sides present within our lives.

With Mercury in Pisces, while it’s not his favorite placement, it ends up being a very necessary one. Because it’s under this transit that we see big emotional truths being divulged, changing our lives.

This planet has another strength in Pisces because this mysterious water sign rules our dream world. We will find ourselves operating more from this realm. It’s not just that we’re going to be thinking more about what we dream or feel, but we’ll be more connected to the self that we often mask or bury.

Pisces is a zodiac sign that is very intuitive and emotional, and because of that we’re more apt to deal with this side of ourselves that we’re not always the most comfortable with. That's what enables us to then build a more authentic life.

When we think about authenticity and authentic living, it means we’re living our truth. But our truth is not just the harsh or brash words about who we are and what we want; instead, it's the softness, the dreams and the idealizations that our inner child has held onto long into adulthood.

It’s this vulnerable part of ourselves that we hide or repress. We believe that to show that side or make decisions isn’t safe, which comes down to the level of acceptance we feel from others.

But to live an authentic life means we must make decisions and choices from that core part of who we are. That core is the part that we protect, the part that wants amazing love, connection, validation and adventure in life, not knowing that it’s the parts of ourselves we hide that are necessary for creating the life of our dreams.

Mercury in Pisces erases that boundary between our conscious selves and our dream world. It brings both together so we make decisions and evaluate our thoughts from that core part of who we are.

Another important component of this transit is that Mercury in Pisces has us talking about feelings we had tried to ignore or bury, which is a theme we’re experiencing within the first few days of this new month.

On February 1st, we see Mercury begin its pre-shadow zone for his first retrograde of the year, bringing feelings back from the past. On the 2nd, Venus and Pluto form a sextile, emphasizing the intensity of feelings and acknowledging them. On the 3rd, we see the planet of communication move into this emotional sign, encouraging us to get to the root of what we feel.

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The most overlooked aspect of this transit is our assumptions. We assume that because Mercury rules communication, it means we’re going to be doing more talking than acting. While it’s understandable given the nature of this planet, it's incorrect because conversation and thoughts are tied directly to the action we decide to take.

And regardless of if we’re following our heart or breaking up with decisions we’ve previously made, words are the foundation for any action taken. It’s words and thoughts that, like stones into a pond, create ripples that spread far beyond their immediate atmosphere.

While Mercury moves through Pisces only once a year, it doesn’t always correspond with a retrograde period, which can bring significant changes with it. A retrograde of Mercury is the planet slowing down, appearing to turn backwards in the sky as he sets to begin a new cycle of orbit. In this case, it's also our first retrograde of 2020.

During Mercury retrogrades, we often see people from our pasts return either just for a visit or because we are meant to reevaluate or redo something we previously missed.

Because of Mercury being in Pisces and the strong feelings associated around surprised feelings at the beginning of this month, we can expect this retrograde is meant to exhume the truth for all of us.

There will be the usual exes returning for some of us, travel delays, or even missteps in communication or scheduling for everyone during this retrograde. But predominately the next few weeks until Mercury moves into Aquarius on March 5th, we will be working on any repressed feelings, specifically romantically that we have been holding onto.

This won’t always be welcomed and to work through these may not necessarily be easy, but we must trust that whatever is coming up isn’t only just for our best, but is about helping us live a more authentic life.

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