What The Mercury-Uranus Square Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until August 2020

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What The Mercury Uranus Square Means For Us This Week
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The Universe isn’t playing games and isn’t taking it easy on us as we experience Mercury square Uranus, with Mercury in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, on January 18th, which will undoubtedly make even the most reluctant of us have to act.

In astrology a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, which creates not just a stressful aspect but also a point of forced action, affecting our zodiac signs and love horoscopes. Think of it like the climax of a movie or great book: it’s the moment when our heroine is tested, challenged and forced to decide.

This is a transit that often occurs twice a year, once in January and once in August, depending upon the orbit of the planets including any retrogrades. The last time we experienced these two creating this square of action was August 16th, 2019, and the next time will be August 2020.

While each of these astrology transits represent a decision or choice, it’s still important to reflect on the Mercury-Uranus square that occurred previously.

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There are times when we will see similar themes arise around the dates of these squares, especially if a divine path was not taken or chosen at the time.

A square is often not a favorite transit, but it makes things happen and, in this case, during the month of January, that’s the perfect energy. Not only are we moving on, but we’re moving up. Not only are we being forced to take action and change our lives, but we’re feeling ready even if we face little trepidations.

Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts, communication and conversation, having recently moved into Aquarius on January 16th. This planet is all about figuring out what works for us, how to best make ourselves happy, and really making it up as we go along.

Aquarius doesn’t worry about putting others first or maintaining the status quo, and it isn’t losing sleep over how to fit in, which is the perfect addition to the Uranus energy. Because while this planet is currently in Taurus, its ruling sign is Aquarius.

Uranus is the planet that brings sudden and unexpected change. Also known as the planet of shock and awe, this is the planet that can cause sudden job opportunities, declarations of love, divorce and geographic moves.

Uranus doesn’t mess around, and it also doesn’t particularly care if we’re looking for a change because it strikes the area of our lives where we need expansion or where we’ve gotten stagnant.

Uranus may bring change unexpectedly, but the biggest difference of this energy now is that there is a Taurean feel to it.

The planet of shock and awe moves in seven-year cycles, which usually end up as running themes within our own lives. Last March (2019), Uranus moved into the earth sign of Taurus after moving through Aries since 2012. Uranus in Aries was all fire, and it marked the end of many relationships, ideals and ways of life, both on a personal and even global level.

But Uranus in Taurus is very different. Taurus is an earth sign that is the ruling sign of Venus, the planet of love, so there is that love and relationship component there as well.

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Earth signs are about growing, planting, expanding and healthiness, so while we spent the past seven years burning down what wasn’t working, now is the time we’re being gifted with the opportunity to start rebuilding. But it doesn’t mean we should get comfortable because there is still the chance and likelihood that some of us are still trying to hang onto parts of our past we were meant to say goodbye to.

This Mercury-Uranus square is occurring at a very auspicious time when we’re already feeling that need to change, to grow, and maybe to even just leave altogether. Coupled together with this particular transit, it’s like the Universe is making it so obvious for us that we can’t ignore it this time. We can’t chalk it up to coincidences or random occurrences; instead, we have to admit there is a greater meaning behind what we’re experiencing, even if we don’t yet know what that may be.

Sometimes in life we spend years, even decades, searching for something, not realizing it was in front of us the whole time. Often, this is our own purpose or dream for what we want for life. At others, it’s an opportunity or path we ignored because, subconsciously, it felt too easy and we were still under the belief that we had to suffer for those things.

But at others, it is love. It’s a person we’ve known practically our whole lives, or maybe it’s just that it feels like that. And this person suddenly one day seems to look different to us, and appears to be what we’ve been searching for in the eyes of others. And we’re left wondering: was it them or was it us that changed?

But in truth, with this Mercury-Uranus square, it likely is neither of those options. Instead, we’re suddenly in the place to clearly see.

In life, we miss the obvious whether it’s love or the truth; we miss what is right in front of us — not because of the other person or situation, but because we’re not looking through the lens of truth yet. We’re looking through wounding, ego, pain, desire or even responsibility, which changes our perception of how we feel and what we want.

Yet when we are given sign after sign, when we can no longer ignore the writing on the wall or the angel numbers. Then we are forced to finally see what all was there along. It's not waiting for us necessarily, but it's still exactly what we needed.

Sometimes, this is even ourselves that we find on this path. But regardless of what we open eyes to this week around this transit, it will change our lives, and once it does and we look back, it won’t be that big of a surprise at all.

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