Why Are Geminis So Smart?

There's a reason there are so many Gemini Nobel Prize winners.

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Gemini is one of the most fascinating zodiac signs out there, mostly because they are so complex and intelligent.

The Gemini sign is represented by the twins, giving them a dual nature. That's why it's always so fun to talk to a chatty Gemini. They have a complex and fascinating perspective. On top of that, Geminis are wicked smart!

So, why are Geminis so smart?

Let’s take a look at why these twins are intelligent in their own unique way.


First, it's not your imagination — Geminis are the smartest! In a fun little database, one website collected data on 900 Nobel Prize winners and discovered that Gemini was the most common astrological sign among these highly intelligent, inventive people. 

Yes, Gemini appears to be the most likely sign to win a Nobel Prize. (Fellow Geminis, put that on your to-do list!)

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Gemini is also one of the most well-rounded sign of the group. Geminis are so smart because we are known to take on multiple challenges. They are also adaptable and clever, key features for practical intelligence. This leads to Geminis to develop some pretty cool hobbies and specialties.

For example, I am a Gemini and I have a couple of activities I’m really good at. I’m a writer, which is the career I am going to stick with for the rest of my life. But I also love baking! I was in a culinary class for three years in high school and carried on what I learned up until this point.

Baking well requires focus and a level of intelligence, because the weights and volumes of all the ingredients need to be so specific to come out just right.

That focus, combined with always looking for innovative new ways to make your goodies special is a perfect Gemini hobby — or even career. Same thing goes for being a writer. Being adaptable also helps.


This ability to be both innovative and intelligent helps us achieve our dreams, and that may be another reason why there are so many super-smart Gemini Nobel Prize winners. As long as we don't change our minds too often.

For instance, Bob Dylan was a Nobel Prize winner for literature in 2016

Famously known for his protest music and songs about politics such as “Times Are A-Changin,” Dylan used his songwriting talents, his unique voice, and created a platform to spread knowledge about the matter of justice. He was the voice of his generation because he listened to what they needed him to say and do, and adapted accordingly. 

This was a great use of his intelligence, and the balance of skills vs innovation is totally Gemini-esque. 


Geminis are smart because they know how to get what they want and how to strategize how to do it. Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they know how to use their verbal skills to their advantage.

They are also smart in a sense of knowing how to use their skills. If they develop a new skill, it will not simply be a hobby. Geminis will perfect the craft and see how they can use it in their lives.

It’s not always about money with the twins, though. Because of their amazing communication skills, Geminis are going to want to spark conversations with new people they meet.

If that means they can talk about their new hobby or skill to relate with the other person, they’ll do just that! Not only does this create a new connection, Geminis know they will have a chance of new opportunities with their new friend.


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Being an air sign means you will never see a Gemini in one place all the time. They might seem scatter-minded and all over the place but it’s because they’re trying to keep ahead of everything going on. They want to know what's new, what's changing and how to stay ahead of the curve.

This is because Geminis know they can’t remain still. The smartest thing to do is stay ahead of the game and know what the latest trends are.

As a Gemini, one of my favorite actresses is Angelina Jolie, who is famously intelligent, as well as driven and compassionate.  

An actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, Jolie uses her many talents to the best of her ability. She has many accolades under her belt such as an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and even a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.


Jolie came to success from her acting career but in turn used her platform to raise awareness about conservation, women’s rights, and education. She is beautiful, talented, and insanely smart for her the art she puts out into the world!

She is living proof that Geminis are smart. 

Geminis are also smart because of their sense of purpose. They know that by putting something they’re good at into the world, someone out there will relate. If a Gemini can use their gifts to inspire others, they’ll be more than happy to step up to the plate.


To all my fellow Geminis out there: You go! I'm so proud to be among you and your (highly intelligent) ranks. 

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Destiny Duprey is a writer who covers astrology, love and relationships, and spirituality topics.