What Venus Moving Into Pisces Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until February 2020

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How Venus Moving Into Pisces Is Going To Change The Way We Love
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Any big life change wouldn’t be complete without a change in our love horoscopes. And that’s exactly what happens when Venus moves into Pisces on January 13th. Coming in at a very auspicious time, we’re ready for change, we’re feeling the push, the momentum and the confidence to do so.

As if that wasn’t enough, Venus, the planet of love, moves into Pisces, and we’re suddenly reminded of what love is really supposed to feel like.

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So often it seems, especially as adults, we talk ourselves out of magical, crazy, amazing love. We have responsibilities. We want to get married. To settle down and to have a family. We trade in excitement for stability, we give up passion for dependability, and we tell ourselves that this is “grown up” love. That we’re doing the right thing, even if we’re left unfulfilled, unsatisfied or unhappy.

We do what we’re supposed to more times than we do what we really want, because of everyone else besides ourselves. "Don’t be a fool for love" we’re told, all the while not realizing we can rationalize matters of the heart.

Love really is supposed to be the greatest feeling in the world. The love we have for ourselves, our life and, yes, even our partner. It should feel like the entire universe conspired to bring you together, not just that it was a convenient option or there was no one else around.

But first, we must remember what sparks, butterflies and passion really feel like, especially when it’s mutual. And this is precisely why Venus in Pisces is coming in at the perfect time. In the days between January 10th and January 14th, we should be aware, because it’s likely that those days will not just be a turning point this year, but for our lives.

Yes, this sounds dramatic, but how many times has it seemed like everything changed suddenly? When we get a phone call that changes our lives? Or, we suddenly have an opportunity to do something we’ve always wanted? Sometimes, life changes take years; other times, they happen so quickly that if you don’t grab ahold quick, they just may pass you by.

This transit of Venus moving into Pisces on January 13th is important because it’s within some of the most important astrology of the year. But it’s also showing us the light at the end of the tunnel.

While there is the vibe of needing to clean up our past and deal with the situation rather than just moving on and pretending it didn’t happen, there’s also some low feelings like sadness and depression that may exist as well which means it may be more difficult to believe that better exists.

Love is one of the greatest motivations we can feel as humans. Love is the reason that so many of the greatest moments in history occurred, because we push beyond where we are with the belief there is something else, something more out there waiting for us. In this cluster of astrological events that we could dub The Catalyst, Venus in Pisces is what we’re working towards. It’s the dream, the belief, and even that reminder of what love and life can feel like.

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This energy is not necessarily one of beginning a grand love affair, but more like the reminder we need so we are encouraged to make the changes we need within our lives, and that gold at the end of the rainbow of what awaits us after we do what needs to be done. Think of it like a gift from the Universe: yes, we’re being called to undertake great big changes; yes, we’re likely to go through uncomfortable feelings and situations. But look what awaits us when we do: a love we’ve always dreamed of.

Venus in Pisces is one of the best placements for the planet of love. She's considered in her exultation here, which means that together, they bring out the best of each other. Pisces can be mystically romantic, and Venus can believe in soulmates and twin flames again. We’re able to have faith that there is a special person out there that we will connect with differently than anyone else in our life, and there is a higher purpose to our love.

Together, Venus and Pisces are about an unconditional, transcendental, timeless, spiritual love. That's because Venus in Pisces falls in love easily.

So, while we’re mostly worrying about big life changes and figuring out where to go from here, there is the possibility we may get wrapped up in our heart and want to dive into our future before we adequately heal from or clean up our past.

Experiencing these feelings is okay, but we do have to be wary, so if any of us find ourselves wanting to run away with someone we fell in love with at first sight, we also should just take some time to see what our true feelings are. There is no reason to be skeptical, but we also don’t need to rush into anything that doesn’t have a deadline.

Instead of worrying about a new relationship right now, we should look at these feelings. What we must realize for ourselves if we receive what we accept. If we believe that love is more responsibility and commitment than meaning and connection, that is what we will get. If we believe love will hurt us or that no man is interested in anything past a physical relationship, that is what we will get too.

But if we truly believe that love is supposed to be magical — that it serves a greater purpose than just giving us a plus one for our best friend’s wedding and that the universe really does conspire to bring two people together — that is what we will receive instead.

It’s never easy to have faith, and it’s never easy to believe in something we’re told is pointless, but that’s just the point. It’s the best parts of life that will often provide the greatest challenges, and sometimes it’s simply the belief that we deserve a love like this.

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