How Venus Moving Into Aquarius Will Affect Your Love Life, Relationships, And New Year Until January 13th

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How Venus In Aquarius Will Affect Our New Year For All Signs
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We may all feel more independent as Venus moves into Aquarius, from December 19th to January 13th, causing our zodiac signs to start the new year by committing to work on the relationship we have with ourselves. For our love horoscopes, it's a welcome change.

Venus is the goddess of love, but also has a hand in all things beauty, finances and simple pleasures. Depending upon which sign this planet is moving through, we find ourselves affected by the variation in energy and focus.

For this Aquarius transit, we are going to be less concerned about finding a date and more focused on the relationship we have with ourselves.

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When we think of having a relationship with ourselves, the first thing we do is take it literally. In fact, much can be said about actually dating ourselves — spoiling ourselves, taking ourselves out to delicious meals, spa days and even getaways. But like with any relationship, if we only focus on the external, then the internal will stay the same.

To look at the relationship we have with ourselves must begin with our inner voice and dialogue that is ongoing within our minds through out the day. This conversation can tell us that we can do it, encouraging us to climb whatever mountain is in front of us; it can be reassuring, comforting us in times of emotional distress, and it can be calculating so we can plan maneuvers within our lives to achieve what we’re hoping to.

But there’s another side of this voice and potential conversation, and that is the one that tells us we’re no good, we’re not attractive, we’re never going to be happy or be in a relationship. This is the voice that tells us to not bother when presented with a new opportunity, or the one that criticizes and puts us down for being human and making simple mistakes.

This is the voice that believes we deserve to suffer because we are worthless. And it’s here that the relationship with ourselves truly begins.

Having a healthy relationship with ourselves is a lot more than just self-love; it must be a complete relationship with many of the same qualities that we’d find in a healthy relationship with a friend or lover. In this scenario, while we need to love ourselves, we also need to forgive ourselves, accept ourselves, believe in ourselves, and not talk to ourselves in a way that we wouldn’t speak to someone we love.

This is where that relationship with self forms, and while it’s ongoing, it’s also one we can work on to such a degree that we begin to move differently within this world.

At the end of 2019, we begin to see astrological alignments that indicate we’re at the brink of a major transition in romantic relationships, one that began years ago, but that, in 2020, we’re going to see a more conscious shift towards.

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Our idea of love and commitment is always shifting. Think back historically to how the relationships of the 40s differed to that of the 60s, how the 80s were compared to the early 2000s; even if we’re always desiring love and partnership, what that means and how it looks changes depending upon where we are as a society.

The thing that we must understand is this fascination with astrology, crystals, meditation, magic, self-growth, awakening and higher consciousness is not just a passing fancy; it’s not just a phase. While everyone isn’t tuned into this, it is something we’re seeing become increasingly popular.

And this isn’t just because it feels good to sit on cushions and clear our mind, or listen to chanting while we wear our malas and carry crystals in our bras; it’s because we’re actually feeling connected to this way of approaching life more deeply than anything we’ve tried before. Because of this, our ideas of commitment, marriage, love, equality and balance are shifting and will continue to do so throughout the next decade.

There are those around us that are meant to guide us into this new paradigm, which really is just the natural evolution of humankind. This shift is very Aquarian in nature, not just because of the rebel-like qualities or the fact that we’re in the Aquarian Age — a term that defines the slow procession of the earth through the astrological signs, and a transit that takes over 2,000 years to complete. But during this age, we’ve seen monumental shifts in humankind and will continue to do so as we progress through this sign.

Relationships are shifting because we are shifting; we’re growing and evolving, and what was essential within a romantic relationship 50 years ago is no longer necessary to most at this point. While the bigger picture is that this Venus-Aquarius period will initiate the new phase of romantic relationships as we begin 2020 and a new decade on a smaller scale, it’s going to affect who we are interested in.

Aquarius is an air sign that while independent is also social, creative and unique. Because of the friendly nature of this sign, we’re going to be more focused on those we call our friends rather than looking to label someone as a potential lover.

What ends up happening is that rather than falling head over heels for that stranger we accidently bump into, we’re going to have that "aha" moment where we realize we’re in love with that friend we’ve had for over 20 years. The one that has been with us through all the phases and relationships of our lives, and that while we weren’t even realizing it, we were building the most solid romantic relationship we had yet to experience.

Love is possible and very likely under this transit — it just won’t look like anything that you’ve had before.

But make sure to give yourself the credit. When we can start to make different choices within our relationships and the people we engage with, we know it’s only because we did the work within ourselves first. Because that is where the tone is set for all other relationships.

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