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What Is Your Seventh House In Astrology And How To Use It To Find Your True Soulmate

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what is your 7th House in astrology

If you haven’t met your soulmate yet, I have good news for you: there’s no need to go all over the world hoping to find one specific person, because we all have hundreds, if not thousands, of soulmates.

Your natal astrology chart won’t tell you exactly who your soulmates are or whether they’re already in your life or not, but it does give you some very good ideas about which types of people you should be looking for.

The chart is divided into twelve segments or “houses.” The sign on the first house (or “rising sign”) shows where your focus is in this lifetime, how you interpret the world around you.

But what is your 7th House in astrology? The seventh house, directly across the chart, describes long-term partnerships like your spouse or your closest friends.

The sign that rules this house describes energy that you can’t really access, so you need someone else who can to contribute to your life.

A soulmate isn’t necessarily a romantic partner (though it’s nice when it works out that way). A soulmate is, simply, someone who provides certain types of energy that your soul needs. You “click” together because you each fill an empty space in the other’s life, and your connection will help both of you to grow spiritually.

It’s likely that you already know at least one or two of your real soulmates. You might not even get along with them very well, though you can’t ignore the strange need to spend time with them.

They may be in your life forever or just for a little while, but you’ll never forget them. Without their important contributions to your life experiences, you would not be the “you” that you are.

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your possible soulmates are limited to people whose Sun sign rules your seventh house. It’s not that simple! The Sun sign is only a part of someone’s personality.

If, for example, you have Virgo on your seventh house, the main thing to keep in mind is that Virgo is known for organization and logical thinking. You might find that someone with a Virgo Sun is your perfect mate, but anyone who has these qualities would be worth getting to know better.

What if your own Sun sign rules your seventh house? Well, one way to interpret this is that your spiritual journey in this life has a lot to do with learning to understand relationships in general.

You might have an urgent sense that you must “find yourself.” Seek out people who share many of your own interests and personality traits — like looking into a mirror, you can learn a lot about yourself by seeing your reflection in others.

Any planets found in your seventh house also play a role. Think about how the planetary energy combines with the qualities of the zodiac sign in which they’re found, and you’ll have even more details about your soulmate’s personality.

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Let’s use the seventh house Virgo example again. If Mars is also in your seventh house, your soulmate could be someone who is quite headstrong and insistent when it comes to keeping things in order. (Maybe you have a big problem in this area, and need someone to constantly remind you to stop daydreaming and clean your house or pay your bills.)

But if you have the Moon here instead, that brings a very different type of energy to the sign. In this case, your soulmate’s love of organization is expressed subconsciously. They may instinctually jump in, without being asked, when they see that you’ve got a mess on your hands.

Sometimes even soulmate connections will eventually fizzle out. You know the feeling: you were so close with someone at the beginning of the relationship, but then you just seemed to grow apart. You both changed so much that you couldn’t make it work any longer.

What went wrong? One possible answer is that your seventh house sign actually changed.

As weird as that sounds, it happens regularly to all of us. You’re familiar with your natal chart, which shows how the skies were on your birthday. This never changes. However, there’s another charting technique called a “progression” that shows how the energy of the natal planets and signs shift throughout your life.

Everything in a progressive chart changes over time, even your Sun sign. (Any good astrology program should be able to show you both your natal and your progressed charts.) If your natal chart shows Virgo in the seventh house, eventually, Libra will take its place.

In this example, you no longer need that organizational neat-freak to help you get yourself together. You’re ready to have fun with an open-minded social butterfly.

When you realize how many possible soulmates there are out there for all of us, and pay attention to the clues in your seventh house, the search for perfect partners starts to seem a lot more like a fun treasure hunt than a hopeless quest. 

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