How The October 28th New Moon In Scorpio Will Affect For Your Love Life And Relationships For The Next 6 Months

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Why The New Moon In Scorpio Is Just The Beginning Of This New Phase In Our Romantic Lives
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Don't ever be afraid to transform into a better version of yourself.

We don’t always do our best the first time around, and we don’t always know what the right thing to do is, especially when it comes to love. That's why the new moon in Scorpio on October 28th is so important to our zodiac signs and love horoscopes: it helps teach us that not only is it never too late to change, it’s also never too late to say sorry and move on.

New moons in astrology always represent a time of new beginnings; it’s a time when we are more able to start over, and can clearly picture what we want to grow or welcome into our lives. While it’s thought that new moons and full moons follow in pairs, and that every two weeks we begin a new cycle, those opportunities really align with the full and new moons of each sign.

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Six months is something we see within lunar cycles and also eclipse cycles, as well in astrology. We also see it present within different transits.

So, it’s important to practice patience and understand that while we would all like to reap the rewards of the seeds we planted a few weeks ago, the sowing and harvesting process takes closer to six months.

Let’s look back to May 18th of 2019 when we saw the full moon in Scorpio. It was a time when we were asked to let go, to invite change, to transform and be transformed. It brought to light the areas of our lives where we were still playing small and it asked us to do better, which meant it wasn’t just about cleaning out the emotional house of our lives; we also were asked to take that work on ourselves so we could heal and grow stronger.

In the six months since then, how have those themes showed up in your life? Are there lingering relationships or "situationships "that are still not feeling healthy or fulfilling? Does it feel like you’re hanging on for dear life, or that whatever you’re actively choosing is choosing you as well?

For those of us who have done that releasing work, we’re now in a better and more healed place to start something new, which means not just new relationships but a new way of being in relationships. A new chapter of how you speak up for yourself and how you conduct yourself when you’re in that interpersonal relationship with another.

But we’re not all on the same life path. Some of us are on mile marker 44 while others are back at 18 — and that’s okay. There’s never any judgment, but there are different levels and lessons we move through. So, for those who have been resisting the past six months, and didn’t let go or grow to become that better person, the universe is going to direct you on a new path where you’ll be asked to learn those lesson, whether you want to or not.

If we refuse to let go, we’re the ones left. If we refuse to grow or heal out of traumatized overreactions, those around us evolve while we stay the same. If we refuse to let go, we often find ourselves abandoned. This isn’t because the universe is cruel, but because we go through lessons and experiences that are unavoidable for any of us. But how they occur and whether they're met with grace or denial is what we get to decide.

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Scorpio is the sign of the alchemist, an incredibly deep and intense water sign that not only has no problem exposing any secrets or hidden feelings to light, but also thrives on getting to the heart of the matter. This is a sign that doesn’t mind change.

He’s not looking to escape or to avoid; instead, it’s more of a constant shifting towards how we can be better, smarter, faster, loving. Whatever we dream of, Scorpio wants to help us become it in the most authentic way possible.

This new moon is occurring just a few days before Mercury turns retrograde, so our thoughts might play some tricks on us.

This is a time when we may need to delve deep into the mud of our past with an ex, but it also may just be the smoke and mirrors of Mercury who sometimes likes to convince us we were happier with our ex. In order to distinguish which of your thoughts fall into, it’s helpful to reflect on when they started.

If you began having doubts about your current relationship or began thinking (even talking) to an ex around May of this year, and have felt those come in periodically or even constantly, it’s fair to say this Scorpio new moon is helping you make whatever final push you need to get rid of the old so you can welcome in the new.

If these thoughts have only really been occurring since the beginning of October or so, it’s best to wait. Mercury plays a lot of games and can convince us that even the most toxic ex deserves another chance. So if these feelings or ideas about relationships feel newer, give yourself until the new year to act on it. Yes, that’s about three months away, but it’s going to give you time to move through this retrograde and eclipse cycle to make the right choice.

Even if we’re not saying yes or jumping into a new relationship, it doesn’t mean we’re not beginning a new phase in our relationship. Often, the biggest moments are when we decide to level up for ourselves, to evolve, change, to let go of ideals, expectations or even people that weigh us down.

Because when we decide something for ourselves, that’s how we know we’re really doing the work. No matter who we love, if we don’t act like we love ourselves, no amount of supposed change will ever take root.

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