Best Rituals For Luck & Love During The Full "Cold" Moon In Gemini, December 12th-13th

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3 Full Moon In Gemini Rituals For Manifesting Luck & Love
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It’s time to show off your peak performance.

The Full Cold Moon in Gemini is the last complete lunar phase of the 2019 year and it starts on December 12th through the 13th.

A Full Moon in Gemini is an equivalent to a climax in an action movie, a crescendo in an orchestral piece, or the cliffhanger of a really great young adult fiction novel.

It gives off an energy of great power or passion and comes as a reminder to stay on track with the goals you have set for the entire lunar cycle.

The Moon goes through a new phase every 28 ½ days. Each cycle has different astrological meaning and purpose for all zodiac signs.

The Moon in your natal chart represents the memories you carried from your past life into this life. So, when the Moon is waxing or waning your zodiac sign's subconscious mind is activated in a different way each and every time.

Your soul, particularly your ascendant sign and your descendent sign have something to tell you, and it is a light of wisdom. All you need is to reconnect with your purpose, which can be done by looking to astrology.

A Full Moon in Gemini shines through the night sky like a lighthouse to ships passing in the night. It may come to us when we have lost our sense of direction and need some guidance from the stars.

Or as a reminder that we are focusing on the wrong goals for the month. At any rate, a Full Moon is an opportunity to reconnect with our plans and finish out the lunar cycle on a strong note.

Maybe you are too close to your goals to see the obvious path ahead of you. It’s easy to lose the forest for the trees when you are dealing with big life events.

That is why we appreciate the Full Gemini Moon shining so brightly. It gives us something to hold on to when we are in the thick of accomplishing our dreams.

Connecting to the energy of the Moon during a Full Moon phase will maximize your luck and bring you love.

Even if it is something as simple as allowing yourself to reset your mind for a few minutes, you will appreciate how far a little recalibration can take you.

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The best way to celebrate a Full Moon is by allowing yourself the freedom to become aware and to embrace where you are in this present time. There are no competitions in the Moon’s eyes; it will never judge where you are in your process.

As long as you are living fully and committing yourself to healthy choices that will better you in the long run, you are sure to make the best of a Full Moon situation.

A Full Moon has an exciting effect on luck and love when it falls into a Gemini placement. Get ready for a wild ride because the complex and multifaceted personality traits of this sign are about to shine brightly on the world below!

With a Full Moon phase in a Gemini placement, the world is about to get a little more chaotic… but in a great way!

So often we feel bound to the decisions we’ve made and the day-to-day lists we make to ensure that we meet expectations in a timely fashion. Well, this placement says to throw that all out of the window!

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A Full Moon in Gemini is the sky’s invitation to abandon any harsh restrictions and go with the flow.

If we take a moment to look up at the world around us, we will be amazed by how much direction we can take in.

Harness the flexible nature of Gemini during this phase in the lunar cycle.

You should never feel completely bound to anything you do or any decisions you make.

Let the Full Moon shine on you and illuminate a new way of achieving your dreams.

If you want to find a soulmate or to manifest a hope you've been harboring, why not try a moon manifestation ritual.

Being stuck is never a permanent position when you have the stars on your side.

Just as Gemini is interpreted as having to alternative sides, use the energy provided by the Moon to look at things another way.

Take your plan of attack for the lunar cycle and flip is 180 degrees. You are sure to see things you’ve missed during the first half of the month!

Sure, this is all an incredibly easy thing to do in theory, but where do we even begin in practice? A ritual, of course!

Think of this as a commitment to the Moon and to yourself!

By allowing yourself to accept the energy of the Moon, you are opening up doors you’ve never even dreamed of before!

Try these Full Moon rituals to get your creative juices overflowing, during a Gemini transit:

1. Cleanse with fire.

Are you feeling stuck in your routine? Can’t break out of old habits? Or just want to release your frustrations with the way things are going?

The Full Moon phase can help with that!

Of course, you’ll want to be super safe with this one. Write down all of your frustrations or stressors on small pieces of paper.

Light a candle and watch all of your inhibitions burn away in its flame.

You’ll soon be feeling free of all chains and ready to tackle your goals with a fresh outlook.

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2. Speak to your soul with sound.

Set a new motto or mantra for your goals. Make it short, sweet, and to the point.

Grab a fresh page in a journal and begin writing it down on every line. Feel the way your pen glides across the paper.

You are birthing these words into the universe. It’s almost as if they have never been spoken until now. Own the affirmation.

Now, start to say it out loud, hearing and feeling every syllable. Come back to this phrase when you lose sight of your path.

Let this be the remanence of the Full Moon after it has passed.

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3. Make a mind-body-soul connection.

Hot tea has beneficial effects on our health and our mentality. The warm liquid helps to soothe any irritation or discomfort we may be feeling. Treat yourself to an herbal brew and enter a deep state of meditation.

Forget the immediate tasks that need doing, the dishwasher can wait five minutes to be unloaded. Enjoy this time to reset your intentions. There doesn’t always need to be a concrete plan for something to turn out the way you want it to.

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