85 Amazing Tree Of Life Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Ink

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85 Most Beautiful Tree Of Life Tattoos

The Tree of Life holds a lot of symbolism in almost all cultures. It shows how the earth is linked to heaven and hell.

There are many meanings and interpretations. The Tree of Life can be "a feminine symbol, bearing sustenance, and a masculine, visibly phallic symbol - another union."

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The trees that have no leaves or only some, illustrate your resurrection. The tree also bears fruit or seeds, which alludes to immortality because of the constant cycle of production. The Tree of Life also gives gifts and wisdom of spirituality.

The Tree of Life also can represent our nervous systems when it is inverted. The roots represent the nerves in our brain and the branches spread throughout the body.

If you want to learn more about the symbolism behind the Trees of Life in different cultures, look here.

The Tree of Life used as a tattoo has many different meanings. It can represent the foundations of the world, immortality, and renewal.

You need to research the meanings behind the Tree of Life tattoos so that you can pick the one that means the most to you. There are Celtic meanings, Biblical Meanings, and many more. Once you have picked the type of tree, you can personalize it to fit who you are.

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And don't forget to decide if you want it black and white or in color. If you choose the latter, you need to pick the colors you want and the effect they will have, whether it be watercolor backgrounds, colorful leaves, etc.

If you include birds, it means sustenance, wealth, and prosperity. If you put a Sun and/or a Moon, it represents the passage of time and the connection we have to the heavens. If they are a backdrop to the tree, it represents renewal. But most of all, the tree means immortality and that wife will go on for eternity.

So if you are looking for a Tree of Life tattoo, really put some thought into the design so that you can have an image that is special and unique to you.

So, here below, are 85 images for your viewing pleasure and inspiration. You can take pieces and parts and make your own family tree, palm tree, pine tree or forest tat.

1. A heavy outline.

Next Luxury

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2. Birds together flock together.


3. Leaves of a tree keep growing.

4. A little spotty. 

Next Luxury

5. Mandalas for life.


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6. Names are apart of your tree of life.

7. Hearts of love.


8. We all have roots.


9. Life and death are tethered together.


10. Geometric tree of life.


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11. One green leaf on a dormant tree.

12. Crisp and clear.

Men's Tattoo Ideas

13. The owl watches over your tree of life.

Tattoo Screens

14. The more roots you have, the more interesting your life is.

Ask Ideas

15. A crescent moon.

For Creative Juice: Ideas, Projects & Tutorials

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16. A light, wispy tree.


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17. Cyber tree.


18. A full tree.


19. A subtle understatement.


20. The sun and the moon are apart of your tree of life.


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21. A beautiful combination of green.

22. Two little birds sitting in a tree.


23. A tree is the symbol of your soul.

24. Just a nice outline.


25. Initials carved into a tree.


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26. Just a reminder that life is too short.

Free Tattoo Designs

"You only live once."

27. Crisp, warm colors. 


28. A feminine tree of life. 

Women With Ink

29. Dark linework shows the depths of your soul.

Tattoobite: Design & Ideas

30. The comparison of light and dark.


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31. A clear, traditional image. 


32. A rocky life.


33. A bright splash of color. 


34. A little blue and pink make the tree come alive.

Beauty Finals

35. What an amazing thing a little color can do.


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36. Just a small statement.


37. A branch of beautiful, vibrant flowers. 


38. Three different tree of life examples.

Tattoo Viral

39. A full torso of color.


40. A little bit of color shows how the tree is alive and thriving. 

Odd Stuff Magazine

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41. A bright, light tree image for a girly girl. 

Hot Tattoo Designs

42. A true watercolor tree. 


43. Wispy, girly, lovely. 


44. A bit realistic.


45. Plain, never dull, never boring. 

Lovecraft Tattoo

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46. Ancient and timeless.

Tori Tattoo Journal

47. The amazing sky behind a sharp outline. 

Lacey Tattoo

48. Your DNA is a part of your family tree.

49. A full moon tree = a full life.



50, Bright color brings happiness to every corner of your life. 

Online Tattoo Ideas

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51. This one is my personal favorite. 


52. A play on watercolors.

53. A vibrant tree of life. 

Kick Ass Things

54. An ambre tree. 

Omg Tattoos

55. The key to life.


56. A fully pink tree. 


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57. An inspirational family tree. 

Men's Tattoo Ideas

58. A tree outlined with color. 

Blog Tattoo Jennifer

59. A color-saturated tree. 

Tattoo Daze

60. A paint-splattered tree.


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61. A tree is afoot. 

Design of Tattoos

62. A little eerie.


63. So clear and colorful, it almost looks real. 


64. An exact replica. 

Joel Wright Art

65. A tree gives you warmth. 

All Top Ideas

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66. A tree dedicated to a loved one. 

Imaginarium Inkworks 

67. When you fly the nest. 

Deviant Art

68. A tree gaining it's leaves. 

Design of Tattoos

69. Show your spirit. 


A post shared by Dark Matter - Private Studio ( on Nov 18, 2017 at 12:37am PST


70. All the seasons.

Entertainment Mesh

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71. You hold your life in your own hands. 

Entertainment Mesh

72. Your tree is your dream. 

Next Luxury

73. Turn your tree of life into a treehouse. 


74. It's the circle of life. 


75. A splash of green. 

Next Luxury

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76. Drips of ink. 

Media Democracy

77. Yin Yang.


78. A beautiful baby belly. 

Tattoos With Meaning

79. A heart tree. 

Tattoo Mode

80. Life keeps going on. 

Next Luxury

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81. A whimsical tree.

All Top Ideas

82. A full tree = a full life. 

Tattoo Blend

83. A subtle understatement. 

Logia Barcelona

84. Intricate tree cross. 

Wild Tattoo Art

85. Trying something new. 

Pradeep Junior Tattoos

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