10 'Gilmore Girls' Inspired Tattoos Only TRUE Fans Can Appreciate

Gilmore Girls Quote From Richard Gilmore

For the fangirl in you.

To know the Gilmore Girls is to love them ... and sometimes to be deeply annoyed with their flawed selves. 

But if you've been out in the world as opposed to a cave for the past two years you probably know this due to all of the excitement that was spread as we prepared for the reboot (after 10-year hiatus). 

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Old fans and new fans came together overjoyed for the reboot that has, now, come and gone with no real promise of more. 

As an old fan who began watching the series before the news of the reboot on ABC Family but not during the show's initial run on the CW, I've grown to love the high-energy show.

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However, it's not the first show that I've loved, so I shocked myself when I decided I'd get a mainstream quote from the show tattooed on my body after falling even more in love with the show during my time at the fan festival

But, I did! And for those of you who have thought about sealing your fandom with a Gilmore Girls-inspired tattoo here are 10 ideas and actual tattoos inspired by the show that you can take a cue from.

Dragonfly Inn
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The dragonfly is just representative of Lorelai overcoming all that she had been through as a single, teen mom and achieving her dreams in starting her own Inn — the Dragonfly Inn — which she purchases in episode 2 of season 2, "The Ins and Outs of Inns."

Great Escapes
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This is my favorite quote from the show and from one of my favorite episodes — "You Jump, I Jump Jack" the seventh episode from season 5, when Rory and Logan finally have that aha moment and we officially know things won't work for much longer with Dean (thankfully, because I'm team everybody but Dean).

The quote translates from Latin to English as "Ready for Anything." And, I have this tattooed on my forearm because I love it that much! 

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This tiny tat represents all that the show stands for: Coffee. Dreaming big. And whatever that other little thing is. 

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Keeping a Tune

If you don't know where this quote comes from then just walk away right now. Please and thank you, signed management.

Maximum Romance

Like many of us, Lorelai is a shitshow when it comes to love. This isn't an actual quote from a character but a fan-inspired quote that is a result of the proposal that took place in the episodes leading up to season one's finale after her then beau Max sent her a thousand of her favorite flowers — yellow daisies — to profess his love and apologize for the style of his proposal. 

More Daisies

The daisy is minor symbolism for a few major events in Lorelai's life, like the aforementioned proposal from boyfriend Max.

Oy Vey
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Picture this: Season 22. Episode 2. "I Can't Get Started." Lorelai and Rory are at their ritualized Friday Dinner when the girls decide that the the combination of the words "Oy" and "poodle" will make a great new catchphrase — one that's "knocking 'What you doing Willin?' right out the park." Thus, "Oy, with the poodles are already" was born.

Rich With Wisdom

This quote derives from Episode 1 of Season 6: "New and Approved Lorelai" after Rory dropped out of Yale and mom Emily began to worry about her unrecognizable behavior — that was in truth just a young Rory transitioning into adulthood and finding her way.

For a Season
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The show's most poignant moments always seem to be set in the fall and winter. Viewers feel and love the fall vibes of Star Hollow, which is very real and I know because I want to the real Stars Hollow for the Gilmore Girls fan festival.

Luke Love
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Luke's Diner was the epicenter of the show, and this doesn't even include the period of time spent there once Luke and Lorelai become an item, it simply accounts for the girl's incessant need for coffee to start their day, make their day, and keep it afloat.