25 Meaningful Tattoos To Get In Memory Of Someone You Love

25 Best Meaningful Tattoos And Memorial Tattoos In Remembrance Of A Loved One
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When you lose someone that really meant a lot to you, the heartbreak and feelings of grief and loss can be hard to handle. It can feel like your heart is shattering and you don't know how you are going to be able to live without them in your life. But you just can't just check out of life because you don't know how to move on from grief — you have to be able to accept that this person has passed away and that they would want you to keep on going.

The people you love wouldn't want you to hold yourself back because of your grief for them.

You have to honor their memory in a way that is healthy for you — and many people decide to get meaningful tattoos to help them remember the people they've lost.

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Everyone grieves differently, you just have to respect everyone in their own mourning. Some people cry it out then tell stories every so often about the loved ones that they missTelling stories about the people you've lost can help you remember the good times.

For me, my grandfather — who passed away when I was a child — is still remembered to this day. He was a big collector of dimes and he gave out dimes. It was just his thing. Now, when we need him most, or he is trying to tell us something, we start finding dimes all over the place — and it's weird because we don't really use cash anymore, so how does a dime end up in the laundry, on the bedroom floor, or in the car? Every time I find a dime, it's a reminder that my grandfather is here with me at that moment and is letting me know he is there.

Some people chose to remember their loved ones with memorial tattoos from their handwriting, a realistic portrait tattoo made from a picture, a fingerprint tattoo, and more. Here are some meaningful tattoos that are dedicated in memory of people's loved ones. Maybe they will inspire your own remembrance tattoo someday.

1. You are always on my mind.

Credit: Pinterest

"Always on my mind .... Forever in my heart..."

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2. A little piece of them is with you wherever you go.

Credit: Ask Ideas

"You'll be with me wherever I go."

3. Doodles and drawings are the best memories.

Credit: Cafe Mom

4. Soar far and wide.

Credit: Men's Craze

"You gave me the roots to grow and the wings to soar... Always loved, never forgotten. Rest in paradise daddy. 1968-2008."

5. We miss you.

Credit: Next Luxury

"In Loving memory."

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6. My little angel.

Credit: TattooBytes


7. When you miss your fur-baby.

Credit: Bark Post


8. When you weren't ready but they had to go.

Credit: Photo-Suit

"Your wings were ready but my heart was not."

9. When you wish that all your love could have saved them.

Credit: Men's Tattoo Ideas

"If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever."

10. Just a little note from mom.

Credit: Tattoo J

"Alexandra, I will always love you (forever). Mommy."

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11. Those little hands will always be with you.

Credit: StayGlam

12. You are my sunshine.

Credit: StayGlam

13. A picture perfect tattoo.

Credit: Next Luxury

14. A cool idea, a tattoo of your loved one saying something.

Credit: Next Luxury

15. Dad's hand will always be on your shoulder.

Credit: PopSugar

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16. You will meet again.

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Credit: StayGlam

"We only part to meet again."

17. Initials have wings.

Credit: Pinterest

18. When you lose a piece of you when you lose a pet.

Credit: StayGlam

"A piece of me went with you."

19. A fallen soldier is always remembered.

Credit: Next Luxury

20. Their name is written in heartbeats.

Credit: Dekoration Haus

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21. When you remember your fallen hero.

Credit: Next Luxury

22. In memory of someone you have lost to cancer.

Credit: Tattoo Unlocked

23. When you lose your baby before you get to know them.

Credit: Pin This

24. They will always make a mark on your life.

Credit: Joelle Tattoo Journal

25. Dog tags for remembering your loved one.

Credit: Next Luxury

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