25 Henna Designs To Try If You're Looking For A Temporary (And Pain Free!) Alternative To A Traditional Tattoo

25 Best Henna Design Ideas To Try If You're Looking For A Temporary (And Pain Free!) Alternative To A Traditional Tattoo

Henna is a type of temporary tattoo made out of a shrub. The henna shrub is used to make perfume, dyes and even medical treatments.

In Indian culture, henna tattoos have symbolic meanings representing joy, beauty, spiritual connection and spiritual offering and are reserved for special occasions and rites of passage such as weddings.

The art of applying the henna to the body is called Mehndi.

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According to the Huffington Post, Indian henna tattoos feature more floral patterns whereas African tattoos use more geometric shapes and bolder lines. Regardless, the result is always stunning, no matter where the henna is applied to the body. Typically, henna is painted on the hands/arms and feet/legs, but it may appear anywhere.

Depending on your skin tone and the consistency of the henna stain on your skin, henna tattoos may last from one to three weeks. Today, virtually every culture and religion uses henna in its own way to express creativity, have some fun or fulfill a spiritual purpose. You may use henna on your skin for any reason, not just to commemorate special occasions or demonstrate your faith.

To find Mehndi artists near you that can create intricate and traditional henna designs, you should contact local spas, tattoos artists and other businesses that may be familiar with the henna process. Often, city and state fairs have booths in which you can get a henna tattoo, but the design options may be limited. Therefore, you are encouraged to find a professional Mehndi artist if you would like top-quality tattoos. However, you may purchase your own henna online, or at specialty stores to experiment with your own designs.

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Note: Some people may experience allergic reactions to henna products, so it is important to understand the risks involved with Mehndi before undergoing temporary tattooing.

Here are 25 amazing henna tattoos you'll want to get yourself.

1. When you want a basic hand design.

2. When you want your feet to match the season.

3. When you just want a bracelet.

4. When you're one with nature.

5. When your dreams are hard to catch.

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6. When you rock that traditional foot Mehndi.

7. When you want a pop of color.

8. When you're feeling cute, get some pretty henna.

9. When you're looking to get a large tattoo without the pain.

10. When your henna game is on point.

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11. When you like geometric henna shapes.

12. When you just want henna rings without the hassle.

13. When you want to show some skin with some sexy henna designs.

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14. When you want more than lines and swirls in your henna tattoo.

15. When you love the red henna look.

16. When you want your henna tattoo to tell a story.

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17. When you can't help but bedazzle your henna with diamonds and rhinestones.

18. When you need some sparkles in your life, get some rhinestones and white henna.

19. When you want an ultra-unique henna design.

20. When you're getting married.

21. When you like optical illusions.

22. When you want your kid to love henna, too.

23. When Mehndi makes flowers even more beautiful.

24. When your henna looks like lace.

25. When you want a 3D henna tattoo.

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