16 Stunning Stretch Mark Tattoos That Will Make You Love Your Body

So beautiful!

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Stretch marks are a natural sign that your body is growing and changing, adapting to new things as your life expands. They are your body's way of celebrating your growth, so why not turn them into works of art with a stretch mark tattoo. 

Stretch marks are nothing to hide or be ashamed of, but one way of celebrating the strength your stretch marks exemplify is using them to create art to help you learn to love your body.  


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Tattoos can be beautiful expressions of your artistic spirit, permanent testimonies of your creativity — the stretch marks on your body can be an extension of that for you because they tell a story about your life.  

Always make sure your new art holds lots of meaning for you and you will always be happy with your choice.

Drawing inspiration from other's tattoos is a great way to find a tat that perfectly fits your lifestyle.



Meet with a tattoo artist with a few of these pictures for inspiration to create the look you want for your own tattoo.

Your body is a canvas, so why not add to it? Rather than struggle to get rid of your stretch marks, embrace them with these 16 examples of gorgeous cover up tattoos. 

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1. Lotus and black ink tattoos are truly beautiful.


This lotus inspired design conjures an idea of serenity and creativity. Use this beautiful template to create a personalized lotus tattoo.

2. When you are in touch with your dark side. 

For those badass gals this tattoo is a great combination of edgy and feminine. Don't hesitate to embrace that edgier side with this daring tattoo.


3. Mind over matter tattoo. 

The peacock is a beautiful, flamboyant bird. Strut your stuff with these colorful feathers and inspiring quote. Keeping the tattoo black and white with a pop a color is a great way to stand out.

4. My body is a canvas. 


As elegant as the real deal, let these flowers bloom across your stretch marks, showing the dignity in growth. For an additional touch, incorporate some color in these flowers.

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5. Always send me flowers. 

Show your stretch marks some love with this adorable heart outlined with purple flowers. Cute and refined, this tattoo is the perfect compliment to your body.


6. The rose tattoo represents the rose without. 

Energetic and elegant, lend a splash of color to your body with a beautiful rose. If a rose isn't your favorite, consider another beloved flower like the sunflower.

7. Peacock feather tattoos and love. 


Trace along your stretch marks with peacock feathers and simple flowers, a stunning combination of nature's beauty. Throw in some fancy designs for a great tattoo.

8. There's a free spirited person beneath this tattoo. 

Use the delicate appearance of the butterfly to highlight your inner grace. You'll also be showing off your beautiful free spirit.


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9. When your life is still in bloom. 

One of the prettiest trees, the cherry tree is perfect for embracing your roots and letting your body blossom into beauty. You can scale this one down to any size you need. 

10. When you love tattoo art but are in touch with nature. 


A black and white background with an exciting splash of color is a great way to stand out. Use the black and white design to express your creativity and a flower to show your beauty.

11. Plant your own garden. 

Blue is a calming, serene hue. Be at peace with your stretch marks with flowers painted a shade of blue. Decorate your body further with some of your favorite symbols, like a heart.


12.Windy, winding tree tattoo.

Trees are a universal symbol of wisdom and growth, learn from your stretch marks and celebrate your personal growth with a gorgeous tree. Add some color with leaves or flowers.

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13. Surgery and scar tattoo art works perfectly for stretch marks, too! 

Play around with your stretch marks with a clever twist. These are two great examples, but the possibilities are endless. Pick an idea that makes you laugh while celebrating the battles you've won.

14. Live your life as a strong women who has earned her stripes. 


You're a tiger who has earned her stripes! Celebrate your victories with this genius take on stretch marks. You can also experiment with glitter stripes for a temporary wow factor.

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15. When only a quote tattoo will do. 

Tell the world how you feel with an inspirational quote. Pick something meaningful to you and your experiences and look at it for a daily reminder of your strength.


16. When deep down inside, you know you're a mermaid. 

Mermaids may not be real, but that should not stop you from embracing the ocean with this amazing tattoo. Draw from the oceans calm energy to feel at peace with your stretch marks.