What The June 14th Mars-Neptune Trine Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships For The Next 6 Months

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How the Mars Cancer Aspects are Going to Force Us to Get Real
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On June 14th, Mars in Cancer will make two different aspects: Mars trine Neptune, with Neptune in Pisces, and Mars opposite Saturn, with Saturn in Capricorn. This transit in astrology will not only expose what and who we're passionate about, but it’s going to force our zodiac signs to get real about it.

For both aspects, these are the only ones occurring this year, which means there is something unique about this energy. In many ways, this is a week for us to figure out what we’ve been ignoring for too long so we can make the most of the next six months. 

Astrology is about truth. It’s about helping us see so we can make choices from this part of ourselves. But sometimes it’s also about exposing what is real.

The entire month of June is shaping up to be a month not only of realizations but also change. It’s never enough to just know something; what truly matters is what we are going to do because of it.  

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Mars is the planet of action and ambition, the warrior and representative of the divine masculine. In Cancer, he is sometimes uncomfortable because his priorities shift, and he has to slow down instead of doing what matters most.

In this case, Mars in Cancer is going to get us in touch with how we feel about our family and home life, and also what we want that to represent for us. There may be many areas of our lives where we realize we’re not deeply connected. Because of that and the intensity of focus for Mars, we may find ourselves breaking up with partners or distancing ourselves from those we don’t feel as strongly connected to.

The aspects Mars makes with Neptune and Saturn means that while he is slowed down, he will go strongly for what matters to him, especially those areas of love, home, family and security.  

The first aspect that Mars makes is a trine to Neptune in Pisces. In astrology, a trine is when two planets are within 120 degrees of one another and support and work well together. For this aspect, we have Mars in Cancer, a water sign, and Neptune in Pisces, also a water sign.

This means we’re going to be in our feelings. We’re going to not be able to run away or escape. It’s not about being able to hide or paint it differently.  

With the strong energy of Mars present, this transit is very much akin to "follow your heart." Neptune represent our dreams, our sense of spirituality, and even unconditional love. In Pisces, this is amplified. At times, Neptune is also the illusionist, but he is currently in retrograde, which means he’s less likely to be fooled and more apt to finally see the truth of the situation.  

We often think of Venus being associated with matters of the heart as she governs love; however, it’s Neptune’s thin veil of only seeing what we want that, once removed, changes things dramatically.  

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It’s a storyline the planets are creating. A Gemini new moon initiates the start, Venus and Pluto bring up what we’ve been trying to hide, Mercury moves into Cancer, and, suddenly, we know we must say the things we feel. Add that to Venus in Gemini, and now we’re aware of choices we previously weren’t. And so, when Mars transits into Neptune, it’s like we can see clearly, have said what we needed to, and will then get to start living from that space of truth.  

But Neptune isn’t the only planet in the mix here; occurring on the same day, we have Mars in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn. While Mars is the warrior planet, Saturn is the lord of time and karma, the planet that isn’t just known as the father of the zodiac but also the one who helps clear karma for us.

Currently, Saturn is also retrograding, meaning that during this transit, the past will figure heavily into it. Sometimes evening the scales for something that occurred previously or even bringing about rewards for something previously experienced.  

In astrology, an opposition is when two planets are literally opposite one another, which sometimes results in a tug of war over which planet is going to act, even resulting in a stalemate. In this case, it’s as if we’re torn between action (Mars) or in letting everything play out as it’s meant to (Saturn).

With Saturn in Capricorn, we may be more concerned about the foundations of a relationship or situation, and in retrograde we may be reviewing choices that we’ve made or even the stability and overall satisfaction we feel from our primary romantic relationship.  

It’s as if Saturn isn’t sure if it’s best to wait it out, or if Mars wants to jump ahead three spaces to pass go. This is where the trine, a very beneficially aspect, comes into play with Neptune.

Neptune wants us to see things as they truly are, and sometimes life is about waiting for that perfect time. But at others, it’s about getting real with the truth of a situation and making changes accordingly.

It means there is no right time to end a relationship, there’s no right time to start something new or profess that you love someone. There is only now, and in this moment, Mars knows only one thing: the only thing worth working for is the one that means the most.

Whether it’s a relationship, a perspective of self, or something greater, we get to remember that it’s our passion that fuels us. It’s our passion that shows us the direction our hearts want to go in.

So, it’s never about just deciding. It's about knowing, feeling, and making that choice to live our truth because that really is the only thing that matters.

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