How The Full Moon In Scorpio Horoscope Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships For The Next Few Weeks

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How the Full Buddha Moon in Scorpio Will Change Our Lives Forever
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Sooner or later we're going to have to deal with the skeletons in our closet.

On May 18th, there will be a powerful full moon in Scorpio that will likely change the structure of our lives permanently, initiating new ways of being and directions for us to experience. In astrology, a full moon is a time of completion when we’re asked to let something go and begin something new, but in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, it’s an ultimate death or ending to a cycle in our lives.

Often, full moon energies can linger for a few weeks until the first quarter moon; however, as with everything in life there are longer cycles, so this energy is one we will be processing and moving through for some time, with those changes we’re making directly affecting the course of our lives, love horoscope, and relationships forever.  

Full moons always seem to get more attention than the quiet darkness of the new moon, but it’s also an incredibly special time; it’s a time of fruition, fullness, harvest even.

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In theory, the seeds we plant around the new moon are ready to be harvested at the time of the full moon, but, of course, not in every area of our lives can we see growth happen so quickly or have the fruits of our lives ripen in just a few weeks. But the metaphor does show us that we always have to wait in order to enjoy and that we ultimately reap what we sow.  

In March and April, we saw bookend full moons in Libra, which called a focus to our personal relationships. But we didn’t actually get a burst of new energy because there was a theme, something that was so important that we were given two months to absorb it instead of only one.

Then, in the beginning of May we had our new moon in Taurus, a grounding, sensual, satisfying moon in which we were reminded about doing what feels good and encouraged to create more of that space in our lives. Since then, it’s been three weeks of understanding and working through what that means for us.  

Sometimes, though, we find that we don’t have room in our life for what feels good because we’re still holding onto what doesn’t. If there's no space, then there's no opportunity for newness or fulfillment.

In this case, our Scorpio full moon this month is in a deep and intense water sign, which delights in not only digging out our secrets for all to see, much like Pluto, but also helps us shed what is no longer necessary. Scorpio is death and rebirth, and that’s true even for the space in our lives; something has to go in order for something else to come in.  

Scorpio is mysterious and passionate. This is not a sign that’s afraid of doing the wrong thing or upsetting anyone; if anything, this is the sign that will burn the house down if it feels like it no longer fits. Scorpio loves love but doesn’t waste their time on the superficial or casual. In order to appeal to those with a Scorpionic nature, there needs to be a depth of thoughts, conversation and connection.  

This is the energy we’re all going to be feeling around this full moon: the desire for depth, for passion, connection and life. We’re going to remember where we felt our best and with whom, and it’s going to be incredibly obvious if where we are in our lives right now is part of our growth forward or a cycle of our past.

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While the new moon in Taurus reminded us of what means the most, it's the full moon in Scorpio that will help us get rid of what is blocking us or holding us back so we can get to the good stuff.  

It’s not that we can’t make the best of things, but we can’t also just sugarcoat life and expect it to taste sweet. There has to be a substance behind it. This is Scorpio reminding us that a pretty face will always remain as such, but a soul that has beauty truly lasts forever.

It’s likely that some of our actions, especially centering around relationships, will be swift-moving and intense. Relationships that have lingered for years could likely end overnight, while relationships that blossom could become serious very quickly.  

Adding to this intense energy is that this isn’t just a full Scorpio moon, but also a Buddha Moon. Now, there are many names depending upon cultures, even the Farmer’s Almanac names. However, in the Buddhist and Hindu cultures, the full moon of May is celebrated as the birth, death and, more importantly, the enlightenment of Buddha, also named Buddha Purnima or Vesak Day.

In this celebration, it’s honoring the importance of the cycle of life, death and enlightenment, which represents in our own life the process of moving through growth. We can engage in a situation, likely a relationship of some sort as they are the greatest vehicles of growth; we can repeat patterns and cycles for years and then suddenly end. But it’s not until we understand why we had to go through everything we did that we reach that point of enlightenment and making different choices. 

Yes, this is a Scorpio full moon, so we will be shedding layers, but this also is a Buddha moon. Together, two very powerful elements are in play, helping us move beyond, deal with the secrets and cycles of our past, and reach the point when we no longer need the lesson.  

Life is about doing the best we can until we know better; in this case, we’re going to learn that the more we try to deny something and the more we try to hide, the more strongly we’re called to deal with it. We need to make space for the things we want — love, happiness, growth. But in order to do that, it means releasing all of those aspects, all of those skeletons that kept us safe from having to grow. 

It means letting our pasts die so that our futures may thrive.  

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