What The May 4th New Moon In Taurus Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Weeks

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How the New Moon in Taurus will Bring Changes to Our Love Lives for the Next Month
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On May 4th, there will be a new moon in Taurus, which will help ground us and establish a firm foundation for anything new built during this lunar phase. For our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, it's vital to be aware of our needs and what we need to do to fulfill them.

In astrology, Taurus is a very stable sign, one that can’t be rushed. So, during this Taurus new moon we may find ourselves wanting to go slower than normal or feeling triggered by those who think we should be doing something different.

It’s a great time to get in touch with what we want and then begin to take the steps to manifest it. A new moon is the beginning of a cycle, so we can expect this energy to peak around the full moon in Scorpio later in the month.

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Everything moves in cycles, sometimes so slowly that we aren’t even aware of what is changing until everything around us no longer looks familiar. It’s one rabbit hole after the next until we finally understand that change was never optional.

Moons move in cycles as well. The last Taurus moons we experienced were the new moon on May 15th, 2018, and the full moon on October 24th, 2018. It’s important to look back to those times and reflect on what was going on, both internally and externally.  

It’s likely that many of us will see themes of security, partnerships, and even family that peaked or began around the moons last year, which will give us a better sense of what to expect for this Taurus new moon.

Perhaps during the new moon of 2018, we felt a beginning of some sort, the start of an exploration or new cycle that peaked with a transformation or even change during October of last year. There may have been realizations, people leaving our lives, upsets, and even the breaking down of relationships.  

Since that time last year, we’ve been in an overhaul of self. During the past seven months, we’ve been through numerous moments where we were asked to delve deeper into the why, and to reflect on what broke down or fell apart. But it’s also been a time for rebuilding and reestablishing ourselves and creating a new picture for our lives, even if it looks nothing like we had expected.

This is the first new moon since Mercury left its shadow zone last month and concluded his first retrograde period of this year. During that time, it’s likely we made some big gains as far as sorting out the truth for ourselves and thinking about how we could do things differently this time around.

Sometimes what we think is over is really just a pause. It's a moment to reflect and alter our ideas, approaches, or even tactics.  

Taurus is the ruling sign for Venus, so even when we don’t see the planet of love actively transiting during a lunar event, if the moon is in the sign of the bull, it’s all we can think about. The moon is feminine, just as Venus is; she waxes and wanes and pulls on our hearts in a similar way to the tides. Because of this, many of us could be feeling more emotional, loving, interested or even invested in a person and in the strength of love itself.  

New moons mark new beginnings, and while we look forward to them, there also tends to be some hesitation or even fear. When something is new, we don’t have anything else to compare it to. This moon is likely to define a new beginning in our love lives and relationships, but it’s not just important for those who are single.

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Tying back to last year, a time when many of us had to learn difficult lessons about love, truth and the strong foundation that’s required to make any relationship work, we are in a completely different place this year.  

What we think will last forever only ends up being a lesson, and sometimes our forever comes when we least expect it to. But a lot has changed since last year, and while we may still be hopeful or romantic, we’re more realistic, grounded, and are approaching new and existing relationships differently.  

For those who are in a relationship, expect this moon to mark a new cycle of relating with your partner. With the Taurus influence, it could even be the renewal of love and passion.

This could be a time when we are able to let the past go and make another go. We can remember why we are with our partner and look at them not just in a similar way as we did when we first met, but with a newfound appreciation and respect for the journey that has brought us here.  

Even those who are single will find their faith in finding love renewed. We’re likely to feel ready to get back out there; we may create an online dating profile or ask around to be fixed up. We’re not looking just for love or someone to occupy a space, but the true value of a partner so we will be comfortable moving slow, taking our time, and building something of substance.  

While this new moon in Taurus will affect everyone to a degree, it will be the strongest for those who had to go through difficult lessons last year and are now single on the brink of potentially beginning a new relationship.

It will be a delicious energy of feeling a strong emotional connection, even if we haven't been with our partner for a long time. There will be a feeling of connectedness, of everything being in perfect divine timing, and because of that, while the emotions will be running deep, we won’t be rushing the process.  

We’ve learned. We understand now that sometimes the picture of how we think things should or will go ruins what is meant to occur. We appreciate the value of going slow and building that stable foundation so we can get through any storms our relationship may encounter.  

While we all want forever. We’ve learned that the best of things can’t ever be rushed, because part of making it work is enjoying each moment we’re in.  

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