What Mercury Moving Into Aries On April 17th Means For Your Love Horoscope And Relationships This Month

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Mercury moves into Aries
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When we can let it flow-is often when we end up where we’re meant to.

On April 17th, Mercury, the planet of communication, will transit into the fire sign of Aries, giving us a much-needed break from the confusion that his time in Pisces brought. But when Mercury moves into Aries, how will our zodiac signs fare in terms of relationships and our love horoscopes?

Well, in Aries we’re ready to talk, we don’t overthink about what or how to say something, and we also have more confidence in what we end up expressing. The planet of communication will hang out in this fire sign until May 6th when it shifts into the zodiac sign of Taurus.

During the next few weeks, while we may have greater ease in expressing ourselves, we also run the risk of being more defensive or argumentative. If you find yourself becoming frustrated, take a deep breath before you say something that can’t be taken back.

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In astrology, Mercury just experienced his first retrograde of the year last month in Pisces, a sign he doesn’t really enjoy being in. While he’s fast on his toes, when it comes to thinking and speaking this water sign wants to slow things down and find out what he’s feeling.

Mercury doesn’t have time for feelings, so it’s often a difficult placement. For many of us, we experienced the most troublesome retrograde of the past few years, but thankfully all of that is just about behind us.

Many people herald the time when Mercury turns direct as being the end to the confusion and communication disturbances, but it’s not really the true end to a retrograde period. Every planet has what’s called a pre-shadow phase, the retrograde, and the post-shadow phase, until it is actually clear of any transiting energy.

In this case, many of us began feeling Mercury’s retrograde back in February, long before we saw him turn during the first week of February. And this is because of the shadow phase.

Because of this, we are still under the tricky nature of this planet until the 16th, just around the time that Mercury will leave behind the Piscean waters and transit into action-orientated Aries. It might be a shock to our system during the first week or so that we’re experiencing this Mercurian fire energy, because we’ve become so used to being in our feelings in Pisces, and not being able to really make much of it.

It’s going to be more acting and less sitting it out, more speaking and less thinking, and more concrete plans than our emotional feelings.

While the time in Pisces was important, it doesn’t mean we also exist there permanently. This is where that fire energy comes in. We learned a lot during our retrograde period, and we had plenty of time to think about our feelings or even consider what we really want.

We had weeks where we could ruminate and think over things to death or to finally get to the root of why we seem to keep dating the same person repeatedly. Now, we are ready to act.

While Pisces gave us introspection, Aries will be giving us motivation. Aries is a decisively active fire sign, one that is known for being outspoken, assertive and spontaneous. Where Pisces bit their tongue, Aries speaks. Where Pisces second guessed and held back, Aries just does.

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It’s like we will be injected with a boost of confidence and assertiveness. Our only task now is to make sure that the time we did have in Pisces didn’t go to waste.

We should have had time to reflect on past breakups and bring more understanding and healing to romantic situations that have long been the source of confusion or heartache. We had a chance to sit with what we were feeling without having to brush it off or pretend we were okay, because not many people were okay during Mercury’s first retrograde of the year.

Many of us have been wondering when it’s going to start to feel like a new year. We almost rushed into things at the beginning of January, and hoped that by charging ahead we could forget about the loose ends we left behind in 2018.

Not all closure is positive, not all reflecting ends up providing more healing, and not every conversation is going to make us feel better. But sometimes this isn’t what life is about. Sometimes we need to say the hard things and not worry about whether we will be breaking someone’s heart or not.

We need to stay mindful of if we are censoring ourselves based on how we perceive others will react or relate to what we are saying. We need to make sure we are letting our conversation flow and take the position that if something is important to us, it’s for a reason.

Mercury in Aries knows what it wants; it’s begun a brand-new cycle during its cazimi, as it met up with the Sun and is ready to start over. Mercury has learned some hard lessons, he knows we can’t hide from our hearts, and we can’t live a life based on someone else's truth. And now it’s time for him to teach us that we need to forget how something will be taken and just say it.

For the next month, we will have several opportunities for big growth, for the chance to look at things in a deeper way, and Mercury in Aries will be there making sure we’re being upfront about who we are and what we want from life. Because we have to quit worrying so much and trust that those who are meant to understand us will. And maybe the rest really don’t matter.

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