How The Full Supermoon In Libra Horoscope Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Month

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How the Full Super Moon in Libra will be Affecting Our Relationships for the Next Month

Balance leads to fulfillment.

On March 20th or 21st, depending upon your location, we will experience a full supermoon in Libra. This full moon in Libra is right around the time of the equinox, which will affect our love horoscope and relationships greatly.

Everyone know that things work better when they are balanced, and relationships are no exception; too far to the left or right and we may just crash. But balance is an ever-changing perspective.

What’s unique is that this Libra full moon will actually be our third and final supermoon of 2019, meaning that, celestially, it’s our last chance to see a larger than normal full moon for the year. For astrology, it means there is one more time for us to shed light on something we’ve overlooked.

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Libra is an air sign depicted by the scales in balance, which represents harmony. When we are in balance, there is an inner peace; when our environment is in balance, we feel confident and secure; when our relationships are in balance, it feels like we have a true partner in life. But balance is an ever-changing quest,  so it’s something we always have to be willing to work at and be honest about so we can address issues as they arise.  

This air sign is one that is known as the peace keeper, a sign that is fair, loving, and enjoys making things around them beautiful, which also extends to our love lives. The full moon will enter into this luscious sign on the 20th and stay there until the 22nd, until which it’s time to move into Scorpio. But during her stint in Libra, the moon will be making her final supermoon appearance, bringing balance through Libra, and it will also peak at our equinox.

As we know there is the autumnal or vernal equinox, depending upon our geographic region. But while the solstices represent a very "all or nothing" energy, the equinox itself is balance. It’s the two times of year we have equal amounts of night and day, which translates to us as masculine and feminine. When the opposite of any two dynamics can bring out the best within one another, each is also enhanced because a balanced dynamic exists.  

It’s basically a powerhouse of equal energy and give and take that will overcome us in the days leading up to this moon. But we’re also in a Mercury retrograde as well. This means the past is on our minds, and while it’s natural to do so, we want to make sure we’re not living there and ignoring our future (balance).

We also may need to reflect on our pasts to see where we might have experienced different issues or feelings. But the underlying dynamic was always balance. We have to feel balanced within ourselves before we can see that translate to our lives and relationships.  

While it’s a new calendar year, it's actually finishing up the last three months of the zodiac year, so maybe that’s why so many of us don’t feel like anything new began during that time. There is a lot of energy occurring: we have our full supermoon in Libra, the equinox, and the Sun shifting into Aries, signifying the start of a brand new year.

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It’s likely that for the past three months, we’ve been in a sort of "wait and see" phase, or even hibernation. We’ve been drawn inwards and likely have spent that time thinking about what we want from life, but also how what we’ve been through means for us.

March is often a time when there are huge shifts; in this case, it began the first week when we saw Uranus shift into Taurus until 2026, and now it’s continuing with our equinox, full supermoon, and new zodiac year all occurring within about 24 hours of one another.

Something big is happening, and while it’s true we are going through our personal development and changing, this is more than that. This is us finally being done with lessons, finally seeing outdated patterns, and being ready to start making different choices.  

For many of us, we began this year ready for a new beginning because, while we had high hopes for last year, it seemed they didn’t come to fruition in the ways we had hoped. It seemed there were still things for us to experience before we were ready to move on, to grow, and to be in the place to accept everything we said we wanted.

In many ways, we’re going to feel that balance within that will quite literally set us free to discover what comes next, especially now that we are no longer holding ourselves back.  

This is also the time when many new relationships may be forming. Perhaps they were people we had just begun talking with, or maybe it was an old flame coming back around for a second try. But Libra is the sign of partnerships. She likes working together and finds value in it, so there will be a stronger pull to pair off and spend time with another, rather than staying solo.

To prepare for this moon and astrological events all happening at once, we have to look at ourselves critically, be honest, and make the decision to see things for what they are instead of how we wished they were. But above all, we have to see that not only is balance the key to fulfillment, but it is to love as well.

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