What The Mars-Pluto Trine Horoscope Of March 20th Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

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How the Astrology of March 20th Brings Healing and New Beginnings
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Love is the beginning of everything.

March 20th is setting up to be the beginning of some very big changes in our lives, directly affecting our relationships and how we approach those that mean the most to us. And with the help of two transits in astrology, our zodiac signs and love horoscopes have much to learn in the coming weeks.

The first transit is Mars trine Pluto — with Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn — which will have us looking back on what has brought us here, but finding greater clarity to take those lessons and make something new out of them. It’s also an intense time of love, which will be magnified by our second transit: Mercury sextile Saturn — with Mercury in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn.

In astrology, both a trine and sextile are positive aspects of planets to one another, which differs by only the degrees that separate them. It means that each planet within an aspect will help one another, and all four will work together to create the perfect environment for change to occur.  

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Mars is the planet of action and ambition. It likes to get things done, sometimes at the expense of others, but it only knows how to move forward. A very masculine planet, Mars would seldom be fine crying over a lost love; instead, it would be trudging on, even with a broken heart.

Mars doesn’t look back, doesn’t wonder what if or think about how things could have been better. He acts, usually decisively, and is very confident in making choices. While this planet is more comfortable in fire signs because of his take charge nature, in Taurus it’s about something different entirely: our foundations. 

When we think about foundations, we think financial or even familial; however, it’s really about what made us who we are up until a certain point. We are the collection of moments that we’ve experienced, the friends we’ve laughed with, and the lovers we’ve kissed, and how we feel about ourselves is often dependent upon what we’ve experienced. But not always.

This is where the strength of Mars comes in. Regardless of whether it was all roses and sunshine, Mars will find a reason and he’ll become better for it.

Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn means we’re going to be revisiting something from our pasts, which is perfect timing as Mercury retrograde will be helping us process and heal from what we've been through. While Mars in Taurus wants to build and move forward, Pluto wants to shed light on something from our past — a situation, secret or even sudden realization. This time, it’s about making sure we know what’s what before we take off into the sunset with whatever feels like it’s calling our name.  

During this transit we may also see some aspects of ourselves that we need to deal with before moving forward. This may mean that we haven’t healed as deeply as we thought, which might be preventing us from loving or giving ourselves to another. We might be the reason why we haven’t yet found love or why we keep attracting the same person over and over again.

While this is a time of reflection, it is not necessarily one where we will be reuniting with past loves, even if it is a possibility for some. Instead, we’re going to be asked to look at ourselves, what we’ve been through, whether or not we play the victim, and owning our part in the story.

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What’s important is to get our truth right, because the second transit in play is Mercury in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn. This means there are two planets in Capricorn shining that big light on our lives, saying, “Look here.” The difference is that while during the Mars-Pluto transit we’ll be focusing on our lives and healing. this second transit will help us see the barriers that have held us back. And with Mercury in the mix, we’re going to be in the place to talk about it with others.  

It’s likely that many of us have begun new relationships or even just conversations since the full moon in February, but maybe we still felt as if our past was hanging over our heads or that we weren’t ready for something serious yet. Perhaps we knew why or maybe we just said we were hurt or healing.

Regardless, this transit will be able to shed some very big light on what we have to look at to move forward in our lives and have that new beginning.  

We are in Pisces season, and not only is it the sign of the fish but also of unconditional love, which means that many of these reflections, especially with Mercury, will be about our past loves. It’s not always easy being in the thick of it, or to think about going back, but sometimes we really do need time to process something and look at the why behind the situation so we can learn lessons we are meant to.  

We keep repeating the same lessons until we finally learn them. This is more true within our love lives than any other area, and it’s often these that are also the most difficult. We all seem to go through that phase of wanting what isn’t necessarily good for us. The thing is that nothing can beat a good man or woman, we just need to be in the place to accept that and not just another lesson.  

We also have the Sun entering Aries and the Equinox occurring, either vernal or autumnal, creating the need for balance in our own lives before we begin a new cycle. It’s learning and understanding that nothing stays the same, nothing remains unchanged, but that the events of life and love always occur as they are meant to.

Sometimes we just need a little bit more time. Because while love is the beginning of everything, we need to be ready to begin.  

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