What The March 10th Mars-Neptune Sextile Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Over The Next 3 Months

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Mars and Neptune will align in the skies creating the atmosphere for romance
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Sometimes the most romantic feeling is being truly understood.

On March 10th, our zodiac signs will find changes abound with Mars sextile Neptune, with Mars in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces. This transit in astrology will create the atmosphere for romance and good news among our love horoscopes. And it might feel more real than we could have anticipated.

A sextile in astrology is a very positive and beneficial aspect. This alignment occurs when planets are within 60 degrees of one another, which creates an atmosphere where they can work well and interact for their highest good. In this case, we have Mars, which rules our ambitions, coming together with Neptune, which is the ruler of our dreams.

The result will be feeling that real life might be better than any fantasy we could come up with. While this is a quick-moving transi,t it’s also the only one that occurs all year, which means what we envision or feel might end up being inspiration for many months to come.  

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Mars is ambition, drive and even masculinity. Mars pursues what he wants and doesn’t let anyone hold him back. Its decisive, action packed, and ruthless at times. However, while Mars is ruled by Aries, in Taurus he has to take on a different persona.

Mars in Taurus looks more at the value of things and is forced to slow down and take in the bigger picture. He must not just think about what he wants, but also what means the most to him. This is not jumping in feet first energy, but slower and more pragmatic, which will help and encourage Neptune in Pisces.  

Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces, so while Mars is a bit in uncomfortable territory, Neptune is feeling right at home. This is a planet that deals with everything that is close to our hearts but often isn’t talked about.

This is nurturing, love, patience, and the simple beauty in statements like “I see you.” Neptune in Pisces can be a bit unrealistic, but with Mars in Taurus there is always a way to get what we want and make it happen, we just have to believe there is.  

One of the interesting components of Mars sextile Neptune is that these two will essentially bring out the best in one another. Neptune has dreams, especially that of romance, the kind of relationships that we spend our whole life looking for.

And while Mars usually isn’t associated with these types of connections, we are getting a dose of Taurean energy, which is also the ruling sign for Venus, the planet of love. Taurus enjoys the simple pleasures, the joy in doing nothing with someone we love, and specifically the feeling of knowing that our lover just gets us, understands us, and that we don’t have to do anything or be anyone special to deserve those feelings.  

Right now, we are being inundated with Piscean energy. While we always have a Pisces season, rarely do we experience the amount of this watery emotional energy as we are right now.

Pisces love swimming deep. They are at home in their subconscious. They are at ease with their emotions, so we are asked to take on those qualities as well. This means that while many of us began 2019 thinking we had things all figured out, in the last few weeks we began to see exactly what we’ve been trying to ignore: the truth of our feelings.  

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Saying we’re moving on is one thing, but actually being over a relationship or a person is another matter altogether. Sometimes we try to move in absolutes because it seems easier; we are over that person, we never felt that way, the situation is done, or at least this is what we tell ourselves because we are unable to face our truth. But when we relax into our feelings (Neptune) and see the situations for what they are (Taurus), we find we have more (Mars) than we originally felt like we did.  

How often do we hear that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone? How often do we become so preoccupied with what we don’t have that we miss what it is we do? While Neptune is known for fantasy and Mars for that sheer determination, together they are focusing on what matters most, and a big part of that is understanding one another, our differences, our quirks, our struggles and our hearts.  

Together, Neptune and Mars will be setting the stage for some incredible romance to occur, yet there might not be a single rose present; instead, it might involve honesty, truth, tears and the raw emotion that comes from realizing that someone understands us and our hearts.

It’s going to look like real life, and "I’m sorry’s" or even seeing that the person we’ve aligned with doesn’t truly get us. While this energy doesn’t suggest a breakup, if we are either in relationship or spending time with people whom it feels like our meaning or purpose is lost on, we could find ourselves wanting greater space or distance from them.  

To be understood is to be loved. It’s to have compassion, empathy, and to know that all the flowers or romantic dates in the world can’t take the place of someone who gets us without even having to say a thing. It’s those moments where we don’t need much because by being in the arms of the one we share love with, we have all we need.  

We’re about to get real with what matters most. The people, situations and feelings. Yes, we may pinch ourselves wondering if it’s real, we may even wonder if we deserve it, but we’re still about to get real.

We’re going to be seeing things as they are, not as we wish or even fear them to be. And, most importantly, we’re going to stop needing to cover ourselves or protect our hearts with the superficial. Somewhere along the way of this Pisces season, we’ve figured out what matters most. And nothing can take the place of true love or understood by the one who says they love you.  

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