How The Astrology Of 2/23 Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until December 2019

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How the Astrology of 2/23 will Set the Tone for March
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We still have a week left of February, but that doesn’t mean March isn’t already making plans and giving us hints for what’s to come next. On February 23rd, we will have two powerful alignments in astrology that will have us radiating at a very high and intense level. For our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, these transits will draw people and situations to us that seem almost fated.

The first transit is Venus conjunct Pluto, and the second is Mercury sextile Pluto, both with Pluto in Capricorn. Both transits are powerful enough to not only bring some surprises into our lives but also have us becoming aware that we hold the power for what we create in our lives.

With the energies present, it’s likely we will see some pinnacle of movement around April but still be under the effect of this transit until December, when we see the second Venus-Pluto conjunction.

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Venus is the planet of love, beauty and even financial matters. She wants us to have our hearts, lives and pockets full, abundant and ripe. In Capricorn, she is concerned more about practical matters than sweeping someone off their feet for a whirlwind romance. It’s less about the fleeting feelings we encounter and more about the ones that take root.

Venus in Capricorn is very sensual, as she enjoys the tactical nature of earth signs. This aspect is also one that will have us looking at the true contribution that someone has in our lives, not just the superficial; however, she isn’t by herself here and is joined by Pluto, the lord of the underworld, which governs all that is hidden below the surface.

Sometimes we don’t see what’s right in front of us. Sometimes we miss what matters most, and sometimes we are blind to the truth simply because we don’t want to have to change. It’s easier to go back than it is to really go forward.

But no matter how much we may like to drag our feet, we can’t actually escape growing in this life — at least without significant struggle. The more we resist life, and the more we try to have things our way, the more difficulty and challenges we will encounter. It’s not that life is out to get us, but rather, we’re trying to have life go our way.

The Venus and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn isn’t just about seeing what has been hidden or what we’ve tried to ignore; it’s also going to make our feelings more intense, supersized even. During this time, we will be craving that deeper connection thanks to Pluto, which will also mean we’re going to want to feel more with our partner — more longing, love, desire, passion, excitement.

Lukewarm convenience just no longer will do. Because of this transit, we will be feeling more attractive, more magnetizing and alluring. We will attract others more easily, especially those that vibrate on a similar frequency. One aspect we must be aware and conscious of is that we’re attracting what we want.

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What we begin feeling around this time, what we start expressing our interest in or even desire for, will be part of a larger picture which will be the primary focus for the month of March. It will be about how we focus on energy, how what we believe we deserve affects what we end up attracting, and that whatever is occurring in our lives at this moment is because how we are feeling.

If we are feeling strong and on top of the world, that is what we will attract and bring into our lives. Sometimes we just have to make sure it’s what is best for us. While we should enjoy our magnetizing attraction, also pay close attention to taking your logical mind with you, especially when it comes to possible new love interests.

Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn means we’re getting a double dose of Plutonian energy during the next month. It’s time to ask ourselves what truth we’ve been hiding from.

Mercury in Pisces is about speaking the truth of our hearts — again, a theme we saw emerge earlier in the month that will remain until April. We are also within the shadow zone for Mercury’s retrograde, which means that while we may be ready to attract greatness, we likely moved on too quickly from something from our past and it’s going to catch up with us.

While all the astrology associated with these two transits are very positive and strong, especially in how confident we feel, there is still also the energy that there is something we overlooked or tried to forget, and that it’s also going to come back up and make some pretty big changes when it does.

Pluto isn’t just the planet that governs the underworld but he, like Uranus, is known to change things quickly once they are brought to light. The difference is that Uranus is shock and awe, while Pluto brings about changes we know are coming and we’re just hoping we’re wrong.

We can’t actually escape life and we can’t make it go how we want it to. At times we have to reflect, remember, and stand back up with a newfound power, making the choice to not become what we’re hoping to attract. Instead, to deal with what we might have previously tried to overlook.

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