The Astrology And Horoscope Of 2/22 — And What It Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

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The Astrology of 2/22 and Why it Matters for all Signs
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The only thing that matters is that you start now.

The astrology of February 22nd — Mercury square Jupiter, with Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius — will actually be a positive aspect in astrology for all zodiac signs, resulting in us communicating our hopes for the future. But what does it mean for our love horoscopes?

In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, often forming a harsh or challenging aspect. However, in this case, because Jupiter is such a fortuitous planet, it’s much more of a positive kick to say what we need to, and for people to hear it.

Because both planets are in these signs for a significant time period (Mercury until April, and Jupiter until November of this year), these energies will linger for several months to come, making it impossible for us to stay where we’ve been or even remain the people we thought we had to be. 

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There are a few factors at play here. While Mercury and Jupiter are two important planets relating to abundance and communication, we also have the intense signs of Pisces and Sagittarius involved as well. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, and while they are thought to have qualities from the 11 other signs, they tend to be mostly focused on the heart.

Pisces is ruled by the fish and tend to be a very emotionally deep sign, specifically unconditional love. And when we have strong planets moving through this deep-water sign, we tend to be more connected to our hearts and whatever truth exists there.  

Sagittarius are often thought to be different than Pisces, and while perhaps Pisces is the one openly crying in front of another, it doesn’t mean Sagittarians don’t feel; they usually just do it away from others. They tend to keep things to themselves with many people unsure of what they are even feeling or thinking, because Sagittarius has perfected the poker face.

However, while these two signs may differ in some ways, they also are very similar in others, which is often overlooked. They both are spiritually connected  and are always drawn into the esoteric or searching for the meaning of “why.” They are never satisfied by what they are told; they are true seekers.  

These two planets and signs will be working together to give us some insight to our hearts, but also to our logical mind when it comes to the feelings that we have and the relationships we choose to invest in. We know that love is a choice; even if we acknowledge the feelings of love, it comes down to our conscious choice to act upon them. To not just love someone, but to show them through our actions and words, is where our lovely Mercury comes into the picture.  

Mercury is the planet that rules our verbal communication and thinking, and even though he may not be at home in the watery depths of Pisces, he has to admit that sometimes we need to feel our way out of a situation. Logic will rule, but so will our feelings.

This is not the time when we can just brush aside the feelings or keep that stoic Sagittarius poker face. We will be forced quite literally to not just acknowledge what we feel but also to do something about it.  

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and while he’s not as impetuous as Aries, he still doesn’t see a point in waiting, especially when he knows what he wants. Jupiter will help us see things in a more positive light, one where we are letting go of the past and are moving forward with love, clarity and forgiveness. It’s a perspective where we might have to own hurts and actions that hurt others, but this energy isn’t about dwelling in what was; instead, it's seeing the possibility of what could be if we can have faith.

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Jupiter is the planet that governs luck, abundance, and makes all things seem bigger than life. In Sagittarius, this quest becomes even bigger and it develops far beyond self.

This isn’t just about our lives, but what happens when we come together with the right people and make big things happen. It’s about seeing that we are all connected, and that we are better together.  

For many people, Mercury’s jaunt in Pisces is the first time we’re letting ourselves stumble into our feelings after boxing them up after a rocky few months at the end of last year. It’s the first time we will be able to admit that we miss someone, that we love them, that we’ve changed, or even that we realized we need to let go.

While the fish are all about feelings, Mercury is about the truth, so this may affect those situations in which we’ve been hiding the truth, whether from ourselves or another. Or, even trying to be something or make something work that wasn’t or isn’t meant to be.

For those in relationships, this transit will either quite literally make or break connections. It will draw you closer together, realizing that the feelings present are much deeper than previously realized. Yet, it can also make us see that we’ve reached the end of our journey, that we’ve learned all we could from a relationship, and that while we may love someone, it's not the love we know we want to grow old with.  

Even those who are single will still feel this transit affect them; after all, no one is rarely truly single. People all have secrets in their hearts, relationships they won’t let go of, love that is still felt, and crushes that are just starting.

For even those whose status might say unattached, this transit could provide some truth about what we are feeling and wanting for our lives, even if that’s to tell someone we still love them or plan that trip around the word. Regardless of where we might stand or what has happened, Jupiter is here reminding us that the most important thing is that we start now, even if we’re not sure what comes next.  

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