How The Mercury-Saturn Conjunct Horoscope Affects Your Love Life And Relationships Until September 2019

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How the Astrology of January 13th will Affect our Romantic Relationships
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This is just the beginning.

On January 13th, we will see two different astrology aspects: Mercury conjunct Saturn, with Saturn in Capricorn, and Jupiter square Neptune, with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. For our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, this transit will not only affect our relationship outlook for the next few weeks but will also dramatically predict what the focus will be from now until September 2019.

The first transit is Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, which will be all about challenging the boundaries we’ve felt placed within so we can start to build the future that we desire. However, the second transit is the one that is just beginning — Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, creating a focal point that we will see come under review two more times during this year.

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While these transits are just occurring on one day, because of the nature of them and the issues they bring to the surface, we will see them play out as major themes of focus for the next nine months.  

Mercury conjunct Saturn is the astrological way of saying that the two planets meet up together in Capricorn, intensifying their energy and creating a beneficial environment for us to focus on one issue. Mercury rules the mind and communication, while Saturn is known for personal boundaries or those limitations that are placed upon us; it’s also the planet of time and karma, which indicates that there is some sort of fated event associated with this transit.

Mercury wants to explore and discuss ideas while Saturn may feel restrained or unable to do so. While this transit does play off the other one that is occurring, because of Capricorn it seems this astrology is building a foundation that will become necessary as the year progresses.  

Saturn in Capricorn is concerned more about the rules that are placed upon our lives than necessarily having to enforce personal boundaries. While this date is about beginning something, because Mercury is involved, we are still going to feel the need to have an important conversation, likely with our romantic partner about what we are feeling or thinking of planning for the future.

January is naturally a month where we feel more inclined to start planning a new beginning or chapter of our lives, but we sometimes forget that just because we want to begin something, it doesn’t mean it will come to fruition immediately. And it is especially true in this case.  

The second and stronger influence on this day is the first of three Jupiter-Neptune squares in Sagittarius and Pisces that will not only influence this month but also much of the year until the final one in September. In astrology, a square is considered a tense aspect in which two planets are within 90 degrees of one another and they oppose or challenge one another. This first square will make us aware of an issue or potential problem within our romantic relationships.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean an argument or a reason to break up; instead, it could be how to come together, how to balance our lives, where we should live, and other big life questions, all thanks to Jupiter’s presence.  

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Jupiter entered Sagittarius last fall for a year and it's really all about opening to life’s possibilities and expanding our horizons through experiences, including those in our romantic lives. This is the ultimate transit of the sign that loves to wander with no set destination, as the primary motivation for Sag is simply to experience all that it can from life.

In this sign, Jupiter wants us to open ourselves up, to take note of what is still holding us back (Saturn), and to open up to talk (Mercury) about it with our partners. The planets all work together to bring about a moment in which we realize the true nature of why things in our love lives aren’t currently the way we had hoped them to be.

This is where Neptune in Pisces comes in. Neptune is the planet of unconditional love, spirituality, intuition and dreams, but it’s also the planet that governs illusions, which is something we will be challenged by for the course of the next few months. We may find that we must let go of how we expected life to go (Saturn) in order to actually open up and have the life (Jupiter) that we’ve dreamed of.

It’s about letting go of whatever we feel has been holding us back or keeping us small. It’s about realizing that perhaps things aren’t as we had hoped or that we were still holding onto needing to live our life based on who we had been versus who we now are. But this is just the beginning of where we are meant to go and the life we are supposed to build during this new year.  

In so many ways, these transits are a gift that will let us get clear about where we are, still being held back, or even dishonest with ourselves about the lives we want to live. In terms of our romantic relationships, because this is also occurring in-between eclipses, we likely are talking about the beginning of something new, either a new status of an existing relationship or a new one altogether.

This will create a point of stress that will cause us to think differently about our lives and what we want from our romantic partnership.

Come June, when we experience our second square, we will have a new perspective on the original challenge that we became aware of during this one, and then with the final square in September there will be a resolution or new profound way of looking at things that will enable us to move past the limitations we felt.  

This is only the beginning. This is the time to be aware and to communicate what we are thinking and feeling, because 2019 is not a mad dash for the finish line but a slow build to doing things different, and this is only the first step.  

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