What The Sun-Jupiter Conjunction In Sagittarius On November 26th Means For Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

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Sun conjunct Jupiter
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On November 26th, the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, expanding our possibilities and inviting in the beginning of a brand new chapter that’s about getting the most out of life. And for our zodiac signs, our love horoscopes will affect how we handle it.

In astrology, the Sun represents our sense of self, our ego placement and how we operate within the world, while Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, meaning that anything he touches he makes bigger, grander and, in terms of love, once in a lifetime. While this aspect only lasts one day, because it occurs at the end of the month and the significance of Sagittarius during his Sun season, we can expect that same general energy to move through us for the next few weeks until the end of December.

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Sometimes we blink and it seems everything changes. For many of us, we began 2018 so sure of what it would hold, not necessarily because we thought we were immune to surprises but because it seemed that we had fought to get here; that somehow we had earned it and so it was finally time to enjoy the blessing instead of living within the struggle.

But things don’t always go according to plan, and we saw that as Uranus moved into Taurus in May and then Neptune turned retrograde in June. After that, we were thrown into confusion, chaos and the neverending abrupt turns of life that made us question everything, including ourselves.

Beginning this year we had been so sure that we were exactly where we were supposed to be, but the universe had other plans. It needed us to learn some important lessons this time, and we needed to experience the confusion so we would know what healthy life and love felt like. Not just intoxicating but something that helped encourage us to become who we are meant to be.

As everything in astrology is connected, we don’t just have this conjunction as a singular event, but it's timed after Venus just turned direct and during the current Mercury retrograde. We’ve been through so much that the essence of who we are has truly shifted over the past few months, specifically the last eight weeks or so. We no longer are the same person; we don’t approach situations the same way, we don’t tolerate the same behaviors, and in many cases our feelings have changed.

At this point of the year, we are acclimating into these new selves. We are feeling our way in and out of exactly who we are now that so much has been revealed and learned. In many ways, because we lifted so many of our barriers recently, it now seems that so much more is possible.

This is the connection that the Sun has to our sense of self, and in Sagittarius it’s really all about vastness; the opening up to life and experiencing it all, limitless possibilities and unyielding love. It’s about throwing the rules out the window, forgetting what we were told about how things should go or what we should strive for.

Sagittarius wants us to open to life, to love and to forget about the should’s or the cant’s. This fire sign wants us to live life unscripted, wide open, and because of that we’re going to be inspired to take some big chances when it comes to our love lives.

It’s not going to be about what could go wrong but what could go right. It’s about making the choice to believe that everything that had occurred over the past few months or even weeks did so for our own good.

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Sometimes, as much as we feel a situation is right, we may also not be looking at it with open eyes. And while the rose-colored glasses do make everything more beautiful, it doesn’t always last.

Many of us have recently gone through breakups or shakeups in our relationships; those that were meant to permanently end have likely already done so by this point, so if you’re still feeling like you’re in the midst of it now, it might mean that you’re actually meant to work through this difficulty. If that is the case, then Sun conjunct Jupiter will bring a different way of looking at the situation, it will provide insight and answers that previously weren’t seen because the focus was too small.

For those of us who are just in the midst of a relationship upgrade, this transit will have us better able to share our ideas and feelings and work with our partner in order to make plans for the future and work through the present moment of conflict.

However, the other truth is that many (many) of us had breakups that were meant to be very permanent, yet even in these situations we tend to hang on because change is hard, and if the love is there then an ending becomes even more difficult. The sad aspect of love is that sometimes it’s not enough and sometimes those that part ways love each other even more than those who stay together.

For those who are in this situation, they will start to feel more settled and at peace with the recent ending. There is also the possibility for some exciting new love around this time that may be coming in.

Jupiter in Sagittarius doesn’t go big or go home, he just simply goes big, and this is the start of the next 13 months in this energy of looking beyond how we thought things would go, beyond how we expected them, and making the choice to just wake every day and seize the opportunity to live.

Because often times, the best parts of life are those we thought were unimaginable or impossible. 

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