What Is Cuffing Season? 4 Tips & Tricks To Avoid A Temporary Relationship

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what is cuffing season holidays

Cuffing season is a time when couples are formed during the holidays.

Its that time of year when the leaves are falling, Starbucks is bringing back its infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte, and you take out those soft, cloud-like Ugg boots to wear. You know what this also means? The holidays. A time when family and friends gather around and come together to celebrate each other in the best way possible; with FOOD and DRINKS!

Then, there's what's known as the cuffing season.

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During this time of the year, there is one question that is most frequently asked: are you bringing someone special this year? Like, what's wrong with just me wanting my own slice of pumpkin pie? But, there is definitely something that changes peoples feelings about finding someone special during the holidays.

Many people end up falling into the category known as cuffing season.

What is cuffing season, anyway? Well, it's a time when people find partners that are mediocre and show them off like a trophy just won during the summer Olympics.

After the holidays, you soon discover that this person you just introduced to your family and friends so that they will get off your back, is no longer someone you see as a partner for life. 

In a recent study done by British journalist David McCandless, he collected the data of 10,000 Facebook posts who were in a relationship and found out that more couples broke up two weeks preceding Christmas time than any other time of year. 

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So this begs the question, is cuffing season real? Or is it the break-up season? I think its safe to say that during the holidays it makes people either want to be in a relationship or break up with the ones that they are currently in before it's time to go visit their loved ones.  

Having a partner that you can share your life with during the holidays is very special, because you are able to share it with them and the other people who matter to you. To have that moment where you can picture them being part of your life for a long time is an experience that should be cherished. 

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you bring home someone who will stay in the long run, so you don't end up with a broken heart at the end of winter.

1. Make sure that the person is someone you actually like. 

Besides them being great in bed and someone who is pretty to look at, make sure that you actually have common interests, share common goals - or at least share a favorite food. 

2. Are they someone who will be able to get along with your family and friends?

Many young teenagers would say, "It doesn't matter what they think, it's only how I feel." Taking this into consideration might be an important one, because having someone who can joke around with your uncle or be that person who your guy friend can rely on as a partner during beer pong can make all the difference in your relationship.

3. What do their holiday plans look like?

Being with someone during the holidays can be tricky because of the many parties that you and your partner may get invited to. Make sure to sit down and take some actual time to go over your holiday plans. See which ones are important to your partner. Knowing which ones they prioritize can be a great indicator of whether he or she is the right person for you. 

4. Is this person a good listener?

The old saying goes, "It's not what they get you, its the thought that counts." However, I disagree. I think that it's important that the present you receive from your partner is significant, because it shows that he or she cares and listens to your thoughts on life and what you like.

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