Who Is Goody Grace? Everything To Know About The Musician Who's Dating Kate Beckinsale

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Who Is Goody Grace? Everything To Know About The Musician Who's Dating Kate Beckinsale
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The increasing threat of coronavirus, combined with California's strict shelter-in-place rules, has made dating relationships difficult, to say the least. 

But that hasn't stopped celebrities from trying to find love.

Recently, Kate Beckinsale was spotted holding hands with a new mystery man while out on a hike, and it didn't take long for intrepid bloggers to identify who, exactly, her new rumored boo was: 22-year-old Canadian musician Goody Grace.

Who is Goody Grace?

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Let's look at what we know about this rising musical superstar. 

He's a "hybrid musician" from Canada. 

Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, Goody Grace is considered a "hybrid musician" who sings, raps, and plays guitar. His music can't be strictly defined as one genre or another — he's influenced by both rock music and hip hop — and he's been performing, professionally, since he was a teenager. He also wrote co-wrote songs for Taylor Swift and Cody Simpson, and appeared on songs with Huey Mack and A$AP Ant of the A$AP Mob.

He recently collaborated with Blink-182. 

One of his best-known songs is a collaboration with Blink-182 called "Scumbag," which was released in 2018. Billing himself as an "emo kid" at the time, Goody Grace said that he was inspired to work with Blink-182 because he's been a huge fan of their work since he was a kid. "Their music helped me through my entire childhood and teenage years and I couldn’t be more honored to have them on a song of mine. Travis Barker reached out to me last fall to open for Blink in Las Vegas and we've become great friends since then. I hope 'Scumbag' can be the anthem for people's lives such as Blink's entire discography is for me," he said at the time.

Beckinsale's best-known relationship was with Machine Gun Kelly.

Beckinsale has a history of hooking up with musicians, and more power to her. Her best-known, high-profile relationship was with rapper-turned-actor Machine Gun Kelly, better known as Colson Baker. They reportedly met through Beckinsale's ex, Pete Davidson, who is also friends with Machine Gun Kelly.


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Prior to dating Goody Grace, Beckinsale was also linked to Pete Davidson, Jack Whitehall, and Matt Rife.

The 46-year-old Beckinsale also has a history of hooking up with younger men. Her other high-profile relationships, besides with the 22-year-old Goody Grace, include 26-year-old Pete Davidson, 21-year-old Matt Rife, and 30-year-old Jack Whitehall. 

Little is known about Goody Grace's private life prior to dating Beckinsale. 

While quite a bit is known about Beckinsale's dating life, little is known about Goody Grace's private life prior to dating Beckinsale. Though there were rumored "flirtations" on social media between the pair prior to their spotted outing in Los Angeles (such as Beckinsale's comment on his Easter post), their outing on April 12th was their first confirmed outing as a reported couple.

Neither Beckinsale nor Goody Grace has commented about their alleged dating relationship. 

As can be expected, neither Beckinsale nor Goody Grace has commented on their alleged dating relationship. And, as can be expected, we'll keep you posted if anything changes in that department.

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