Are Lauren Swanson And Josiah Duggar Pregnant? New Rumors The 'Counting On' Stars Are Expecting A Baby

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Are Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar pregnant?

Fans are wondering if their quick trip to the altar was because of a pregnancy.

Are Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar pregnant? When it comes romance in the Duggar family, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. Those are the hard and fast rules for dating, courtship, and engagement in America’s First Family of Fundamentalism and so far, that’s been how the many children of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have gone about getting themselves hitched.

But what if a couple broke the rules and the baby was on the way before rings were exchanged?

That’s what some fans are thinking about 21 year old Josiah Duggar and his bride Lauren Swanson. The couple married at the end of June 2018 and rumors are swirling that the courtship was awfully quick — even by Duggar standards.

Is there a chance that Lauren and Si headed to the honeymoon suite ahead of the wedding day? Read on to find out.

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1. Si was determined to marry … this time.

Lauren wasn’t Si’s first pass at the courtship game. In 2015, he announced that he was courting Marjorie Jackson. Courtship, as the Duggars define it, is a period where a couple gets to know each other with an eye toward marriage. The relationship is strictly to see if there’s a future and it’s supposed to be totally non-sexual. No one knows for sure what happened but after a few months, Si’s parents let fans know that Si and Marjorie were no longer courting one another.

2. Second time’s a charm

While Si and his former courting partner met because her mother was Si’s Spanish teacher, the Duggars and the Swansons had been family friends for a while. Lauren and her family had even appeared on 19 Kids and Counting once. The couple said that family friendship had given them a chance to get to know each other before starting to court in January 2018.

3. Smitten

Josiah’s Instagram page is practically a love letter to Lauren. A lot of his posts show photos of her and the captions talk about how beautiful he finds her. It’s easy to believe that he was eager to move past chaste side-hugs and into a more amorous relationship with her.

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4. Long distance love

Lauren grew up in Georgia and her family is still there. She is the eldest of 8 children and at 18, was still living at home before marrying Si. He, in fact, proposed to her on her parents’ property in Georgia, in the same spot her dad proposed to her mom.

5. Putting down new roots

Since Lauren doesn’t seem to have a career keeping her in Georgia, she headed to Arkansas to plan the wedding and prepare to start her new life. Josiah, in addition to being on TLC’s Counting On, works for Jim Bob in the family businesses of buying, fixing up and selling both cars and properties. Lauren is even getting in on the action and helping out. But being in a new town for the first time can be lonely, even with the love of your life nearby. It might be tempting to take the relationship to the next level just to feel even closer.

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6. Run down the aisle

Duggar weddings usually follow close on the heels of engagements. Lauren and Si definitely wasted no time getting from courtship to honeymoon. He proposed only 6 weeks after they started courting and they were married only three months later. Was the quick timeline because they were so excited — or was more going on?

7. Honeymoon

The pair didn’t head out on the traditional post-wedding trip right away, choosing to wait a few weeks after the wedding. They released a video this past weekend of themselves in Vienna, Austria, explaining that they chose Austria because they love the movie The Sound of Music. Fans immediately began asking when a baby announcement was coming. It’s not clear if the questions are because of some whiff of premarital indiscretion or because Duggar brides are usually pretty quick to conceive after the wedding is over.

8. What’s next?

It’s likely that the pair will join Si’s other married siblings on Counting On. There’s already been a mini-episode of the wedding so we can probably expect to see more of them - whether they’re expecting or not!

Tune in to the TLC series Counting On to see what Si and Lauren are up to.

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