Scary Details About Why Two Teens Murdered Their Disabled Mother With A Hammer

Photo: Nye County Sheriff's Office
Who Killed Dawn Liebig? Details Nevada Teens Michael Wilson Dakota Saldivar Murdered Disabled Mother

The killing was premeditated.

Two Nevada teens are accused of killing their mother in a premeditated murder plot. 

Michael Wilson and Dakota Saldivar, both 17, reportedly stabbed their disabled mother and beat her to death with a hammer because they "couldn't take her complaining." 

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This past Monday, a man — who is said to be the father of Wilson and Saldivar — in Idaho called the police to do a welfare check on 46-year-old Dawn Liebig. He said he "did not trust the children" who were in the home. 

When officers arrived at Liebig's home, she was missing, and her cell phone was left behind. Because she left her cell phone, officers filed a missing report. 

The suspects' father, who hasn't been named, told detectives that Liebig had numerous disabilities and "due to the type of family she is in," he believed she was dead. 

When police officers made contact with Saldivar and Wilson, they couldn't keep their stories straight and both had different accounts of what happened to their mom. 

A search of their phones revealed a text message from Saldivar to an unknown person that read: "my mom passed away."

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When confronted with that text, Wilson then admitted that he and Saldivar killed Liebig because she asked them to do so. After she died, they buried her in a shallow grave, which he led detectives to

However, when Saldivar admitted to the murder, he said they did it because "they couldn't take her complaining."

Police later discovered that the brothers had planned to kill their mother by stabbing her in her jugular vein so she would die quickly while she slept. After Wilson stabbed Liebig in the neck. Saldivar beat her over the head with a hammer 20 times. 

The attack lasted for 25 minutes, and at one point, Liebig woke up and screamed for her sons for help. She was unaware they were the ones attacking her. 

“Further interviews were conducted and both juveniles finally confessed that a few hours prior to the murder, they had a fight with Liebig and were tired of her parenting style and demands on them,” Sgt. Adam Tippetts with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

Liebig's Facebook page shows she has two other sons who appear to have no connection to her death. Police also found 20 cats in her home, some of which were malnourished. 

In her bio, she describes herself as "a mom that hopes she did okay."

Wilson and Saldivar are charged with conspiracy to commit murder, domestic battery with a deadly weapon and open murder. 

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