Are Tinashe And Kevin Durant Dating? New Details About Their Rumored Secret Relationship

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Tinashe and Kevin Durant dating rumors

The dating rumors are heating up!

Are Tinashe and Kevin Durant dating?

It’s always sad when a celebrity power couple calls it quits. We follow their every move, “oooh” and “awww” at their sweet moments, and hope that they can pull through the hard times. Sadly, that’s not always possible. But sometimes, there is an upside to the end of a celebrity relationship, because out of the ashes comes a new relationship we can admire.

In March, singer and actress Tinashe began dating Philadelphia 76ers’ point forward Ben Simmons. He’s attractive, she’s gorgeous ... it seemed like a match made in heaven. Yeah, not quite.

As it turns out, Simmons ended up dumping Tinashe to — ready for this? — start dating Kendall Jenner.

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Simmons broke up with her after accusing her of doing “Kardashian s***” by trying to publicize their relationship. He then did the same exact thing by literally dating someone from the Kardashian clan.

But apparently, Simmons was cheating on Jenner and broke things off with Tinashe only after he betrayed her. What makes this even more cringe-worthy is that Tinashe was gushing about Simmons only months ago, telling Billboard, “He’s like my full boyfriend, I guess. It was official before it was on [Instagram]; that was just when everyone else found out.” Sigh.

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Luckily, there are now Tinashe and Kevin Durant dating rumors swirling. But this is where things get a bit complicated, because Durant already has a girlfriend, Cass Anderson, a real estate agent. In March, they made their relationship "official" with Anderson sitting in the basketball court section that belongs to the wives and girlfriends of Golden State Warriors players.

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So, are Tinashe and Kevin Durant dating for real, or is this all just speculation?

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Well, the two were spotted together outside the Peppermint Club in Los Angeles. According to an insider, “Tinashe was all up under Kevin. She was flirting heavy, and he seemed to be down with it. I wasn’t able to see if they left together.” Oh my.

It seems to go against Tinashe’s own pledge to stay away from NBA players. She told TMZ  she’s set on “not [being] an idiot” and said, “Oh yeah, that’s 100” in relation to her comments on not dating ball-players. If the rumors are true, she’s not really staying 100 on the promise she made to herself.

It also makes us wonder if Jenner has ulterior motives for dating Tinashe’s ex, especially since Tinashe was spotted partying with Jenner’s ex, Blake Griffin, in Las Vegas on June 2nd. Griffin left the mother of his child for Jenner, and now he doesn’t have either in his life. Tough break. Could this be Jenner’s way of making a statement?

Did Tinashe know that Durant has a girlfriend? Does she care? Let’s hope she spends some time on self-care and swears off cheating men.

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