Does Bekah Martinez Have A Boyfriend? New Details On Whether She's Hiding A Relationship To Go On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Does Bekah Martinez have a boyfriend?
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She's supposed to be single.

Does Bekah Martinez have a boyfriend? Former Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez is taking another chance at reality show love with a stint on Bachelor in Paradise. So, you know, she's supposed to be single when she heads to Mexico with other cast-offs from the Bachelor and Bachelorette. But it seems that may not be the case. Some Instagram sleuths have uncovered pics and comments that suggest Bekah is hiding a secret boyfriend. Let's take a look at what we know so far. 

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1. Does she have a boyfriend?

Let's just get right to it, shall we? Reddit users were the first to pick up on the clue that Bekah was involved. She posted a story on her social media and tagged the IG account @pipyopi. That leads to the now private Insta account of one Grayston Leonard. Screenshots were taken before the account was made private and in one of them, Grayston calls Bekah his "GF" in a comment. 

2. More evidence

Before Grayston made his Instagram private, a snap of him and Bekah kissing in a photobooth was uncovered. 

3. Who is Grayston?

His Insta bio lists him as the founder of Pequod Rising, LLC, which seems to be a physical fitness facility in Culver City, California. 

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4. This wouldn't be the first time.

This wouldn't be the first time a Bachelor in Paradise contestant hid a relationship in order to go on the show. Last year, Corrine Olympios allegedly hid her boyfriend. She was reportedly on the show to get PR for her new clothing line. Then, of course, that how sexual misconduct incident got her kicked off the show.

At the time, a source told TMZ: "Corinne and her BF, Jordan Gielchinsky, agreed she would NOT hook up with other cast members, and was only going to do the show to get pub for her new clothing line. Her plan was to be on for a couple episodes, and then bow out. We’re told Jordan was initially upset when he heard what went down, but once he got the full context of the event — meaning the heavy drinking — he backed Corinne. He agrees she was way too drunk to give consent and strongly believes producers and medical staffers should have intervened."

5. Bekah's been outspoken.

Bekah has had plenty to say about her time on the Bachelor. She recently sat down with Glamour magazine to talk about the hidden costs of being on the Bachelor. It's a pretty fascinating topic. All those gowns, cocktail dresses, swimsuits, and outfits have to be packed before the contestants leave to film the show and they have to be prepared for anything and everything without having any idea of how long they will be on the show or where they will go while filming.

Bekah was able to borrow snow gear from her mom, some gowns from friends and designers, but she still had to buy a ton of clothing and shoes. When she was done with the show, she said: "I was so broke I returned everything that still had tags on."

6. She doesn't wash her hair.

Bekah also revealed that she hasn't washed her hair for eight or nine months. She just rinses it out. That helped on the show because she didn't really need to pack hair products.

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