What's PewDiePie's Real Name & 8 More Disturbing Details About His Racist Comments And Sexist Feud With Alinity Divine

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What Is PewDiePie's Real Name And 5 More Details About PewDiePie Racist Comments And Fight With Alinity Divine

He has over 62 million YouTube subscribers.

​PewDiePie is the king of YouTube.

The 28-year-old Swedish game commentator and YouTube vlogger has over 63 million subscribers who adamantly follow his life through his videos.

He has the most subscribed YouTube Channel out there where he vlogs about his life, dishes on celebrities and comments on games. However, the YouTube King has also had his fair share of controversy, most recently the fight with Twitch streamer Alinity Divine. 

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Though PewDiePie began his road to fame by streaming himself playing scary video games, his content varies, which allowed him to open up his fan base to more than just gamers.

PewDiePie created his name using the term “Pew,” resembling the sound of a gun, “Die” because he streams video games, and “Pie” because he loves pies. But what is PewDiePie real name and who is he? 

1. His real name is Felix Kjellberg.

got a much needed beard trim

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Although his fans know him as PewDiePie, his official name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.

Felix was born on October 24, 1989, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

He attended the Chalmers University of Technology for a degree in industrial economics and technology management until he realized college was not for him and dropped out to pursue making videos.

2. He originally funded his channel by selling hotdogs.

PewDiePie, who now has a net worth of $78 million, began his YouTube career by selling hotdogs to support his channel.

"I had to get a job, so I took whatever job I could get, which was to work in a hot dog stand," he said in one of his videos.

The hotdog industry was apparently booming and he was able to fund his channel for long enough to gain one million followers in 2012.

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3. He recently got engaged to another YouTuber.

PewDiePie proposed to Marzia Bisognan, who is also well-known for making YouTube videos as CutiePie. 

The two dated for nearly seven years and live in Sweden and Italy and then decided to make Brighton, UK, their most recent home.

PewDiePie popped the question while on vacation in April.

Felix and Marzia traveled to Japan and enjoyed viewing the beautiful Mount Fujiyama and everything the country had to offer before Felix got on one knee and asked Marzia to marry him.

He ordered the ring online because he was worried fans would recognize him in a jewelry store and spilled the beans on his plan to propose to Marzia.

4. There is a major feud between PewDiePie and a Twitch streamer.


PewDiePie is known to joke about some controversial topics and one of them landed him in a huge fight with Alinity Divine, who streams herself playing video games and more.

To make a long story short, PewDiePie made a nasty comment about women being “stupid Twitch thots” while live-streaming himself watching a video called “SEXIEST TWITCH GIRL STREAMERS APRIL 2017!!! #2.” Alinity Divine filed a copyright claim, which PewDiePie was quick to chastise.

Then, the vlogger criticized how she presents herself and completely objectified women.

“You’re just playing games with the shortest skirt ever, that’s our fault for looking at it in any sexual way, right?” Kjellberg said in one of his videos. “I know you don’t portray yourself to be the smartest person, but I know you’re not that dumb to not be aware of what you’re doing. Showing your underwear on screen? That’s our fault, right?"

Alinity Divine lashed back, and her criticizer apologized but the damage was done.

“It’s shifted from them [viewers] being perverts, to just straight up calling me a whore,” Alinity told VICE regarding the hate she receives from men online. “They’re trying to control my body—people telling me how I should dress and how I should act. They’re trying to diminish my value by saying, ‘this is just what you are, and you should get out of here.’”

5. His fans are called “Bros.”

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PewDiePie has accumulated quite a fan base since he began making videos in 2010.

His followers are referred to as “bros” and are collectively called the “Bro Army.”

6. He has been under fire multiple times for racist comments.

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In a few of his videos, PewDiePie said some offensive things and the Internet made sure he knew it was not cool.

The streamer won an award and recorded his reaction, which included him yelling “18! 18! 18 n*****!” The online world was extremely upset and the hashtag #pewdiepieisoverparty to prove it.

Another time, PewDiePie paid Funny Guys, two Indian guys, to write “Death To All Jews” on a sign, which he said he never expected them to follow through with. When Funny Guys held up the sign, PewDiePie was quick to explain his mistake and that he does not support anti-Semitism.

The Wall Street Journal later got PewDiePie dropped from Maker Studios when the news outlet confronted Maker Studios about the streamer’s Nazi behavior and symbols.

7. He disabled comments on his videos.

If you’ve ever watched one of PewDiePie’s videos you may have noticed the comment section is disabled.

He did this because he noticed a lot of rude banter by fans and non-fans. In one of his videos, “Goodbye Forever Comments,” the YouTuber spoke about how the horrible comments by users had bothered him for a long time so he just decided to get rid of the option to comment.

He has since re-enabled comments.

8. He has three dogs.

Extremely foggy in Brighton today! Jacket: @thegoodworth

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The award-winning YouTuber has two pugs, Edgar and Maya. Marzia lovingly calls Maya Puga or Puga-chan. Felix often jokes about Edgar and calls him Edgar Allen Poe.

Maya only has one eye thanks to a catfight in her early years.

The two also share a Yorkshire terrier named Ynk, which is pronounced “ink.”

He and Marzia love to show them off and talk about their pups all of the time in their videos.

9. TIME Magazine listed him at one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People.”

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In 2016, Felix was named one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People” by TIME Magazine. He was listed under the Pioneers section of the list.

He was also included in Forbes' 30 Under 30 Europe as a gamer and haswone many other awards over the years.

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