Who Is Kate Spade's Housekeeper? 6 Things To Know About Bella Cariaga

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Who Is Kate Spade's Housekeeper?

She considered the designer her best friend.

Who is Kate Spade's housekeeper? Fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead by suicide by her house keeper Bella Cariaga. Bella's son Mark has spoken out about his mother, her relationship with Kate Spade, his ambitions, and how devastated he and his mom are over Spade's death.

Bella appears to be much more than just the woman who cleaned the Spades' home. She cooked for the family, traveled with the family, and spent time with Spade's daughter Bea. Let's take a look about what we know so far about Kate Spade's house keeper Bella Cariaga.

1. She tried to save her.

Bella tried to save Kate's life after finding her body. She called 911 and rushed out to get the building superintendent to help her get Kate's body down. Unfortunately these efforts were in vain as Kate was declared dead at the scene. Bella's son, 23-year-old Mark Roldan, said of his mother: "She is a little shaken, especially with trauma such as this. It just really hit our family and I’m pretty sure the Spade family as well."

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2. Best friend

Bella considered Kate her best friend. Imagine how horrifying it would be to find your best friend dead. Her son said: "It was just really shocking to find out her best friend Kate Spade and also a big influence in my life just passed."

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3. A cancer survivor

Two years ago, Bella took Bea Spade on a walk around Central Park. It was at that time that she posted on her Facebook page, "Thank God, I’m cancer free! I beat cancer! Let’s celebrate!" She did not specify what kind of cancer she had. 

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4. Kate named a shoe after her.

Kate named a shoe in her Frances Valentine line the "Bella." The ankle strap sandal sold for $475. "When you get your own shoe line,” Bella posted on her Facebook with a photo of the shoe in February 2016 sharing a picture of the “Bella.” The shoe is, unsurprisingly, sold out everywhere.

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5. She traveled with the Spades

Bella didn't just take care of the Spades' Park Avenue home. She also traveled with the Spades to their homes outside of New York City. 

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6. Her son is also a designer.

Bella's son Mark is also pursuing a career in fashion. Mark Roldan calls Kate his mentor and said, "she believed in my vision." Kate reportedly told him on a visit to the Spades' Napa Valley estate, "this could all be yours if you do the same thing I did. Really push and push and push and push day in and day out."

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