15 Of The Cutest First Father's Day Gifts For New Dads And Dads-To-Be

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best first Father's Day gifts ideas for new dads and dads-to-be

There's a new dad on the block!

A man's first Father's Day is one he'll always remember.

Help new dads and dads-to-be celebrate by giving them the best first father's day gift that totally plays up their status as "parent." Whether it's for your husband, boyfriend, son or friend, we've got a bunch of ideas to get you started.

Here are the best first-time Father's Day gift ideas for new dads and dads-to-be in 2018:

1. Matching "Baby And Me" Brewmaster T-Shirt & Onesie

Brew Dad & Micro Brew Infant Matching Set, $19.95 - $21.50, Amazon.com

Dress your baby in this cutie matching onesie and surprise dad by taking him to get professional photos made. It'll make a great memory and a super sweet photo. 

2. Portable Pizza Pouch

Portable Pizza Pouch, $13.99, Amazon.com

How's a guy suppose to enjoy a pizza with his hands being full with the baby? This portable pizza pouch is how you get it done! Not only will this give him a good laugh, now when he's on baby duty, he won't ever go hungry again! 


3. Baby Photo Keepsake

My First Year Photo Moments Baby Frame, $19.95, Amazon.com

This is the perfect gift for celebrating his first year as a new dad! Fill it with photos of his precious daddy moments over the past twelve months to create and adorable keepsake he can hang anywhere.

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4. Daddy's Survival Drink Glass

Daddy's Survival Kit First Father's Day, $16.95, Amazon.com

Being a new father can be really stressful. Give him this pint glass, along with his favorite 6-pack, to help help him unwind after a long day of daddy duty!

5. Customized Handprint Baseball 

First Pitch Baby's First Handprint Baseball, $24.99, Amazon.com

Baseball fanatics will love this sentimental keepsake! It comes with everything you need to stamp your baby's handprint onto the baseball at home.  

6. Diaper Bag Backpack

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack, $37.99, Amazon.com

This waterproof backpack looks so cool he'll have trouble believing it's really a diaper bag. Thanks to you, he can now tote around all of baby's must-haves in style. 

7. New Dad T-Shirt

New Dad To Be 2018, $19.99, Amazon.com

For any first-time dads or dads-to-be in 2018, this shirt is a must. 

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8. First Father's Day Mug

1st Father’s Day Coffee Mug, $13.97, Amazon.com 

This coffee mug says it all. Help your husband usher in this new era of life with a Father's Day mug that's as cute as it is silly. Cheers to fatherhood!


9. Designer Baby Bag

Lillian Rose "Daddy's Little Project" Diaper Bag, $53.55, Amazon.com

Being a dad is a tough job! But he'll have room to store all the tools he needs to get it done in this ultra-manly diaper bag for handy dads.

10. Sweet Onesie

Daddy and Me Cute Infant Baby Bodysuit, $9.95 - $12.95, Amazon.com 

For sentimental dads, dress your baby in this cute onesie Father's day morning and take sweet photos of the two of them together while your baby is wearing it! Those photos will make him smile for years to come.

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11. Daddy's Newborn Baby Success Kit

Daddy's Diaper Duty Device, $27.99, Amazon.com

Equip dads-to-be will all the tools he needs — from diapers to baby shampoo — to make taking care of his upcoming bundle of joy a success.

12. Funny Guide To Fatherhood

The Ultimate Cheat List Into Fatherhood, $22.99, Amazon.com

This hilarious book shares the ultimate cheat codes for being an awesome daddy! The struggles of new parenthood are REAL, but this book gives new dads humorous advice for every situation they might encounter. 

13. Hot Sauce Sampler

A Hot Sauce Lover's Gift Set, $34.99, Amazon.com

This dad is on fire! Show your husband what a dynamite job he's doing with this assortment of seven hot sauces that range from mild to hell-raising ghost pepper.

14. A Bedtime Story

Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People, $13.64, Amazon.com

Even dads need a goodnight story to put them to bed some nights. In this funny parody of Goodnight Moon, first-time dads can read all about the beer brewing process in a delightful "pitcher" book.

15. Father's Day Golf Balls

Golf Ball Gift Pack Set, $13.95, Amazon.com

Score a hole-in-one this Father's Day by giving new dads this adorable golf ball gift set. If you're feeling extra generous, you might throw a few hours of babysitting in as a bonus so he can have the morning off parenting duty and go play a round.

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