40 Hilarious Father's Day Memes To Send To Your Dad This Weekend

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Deciding how to celebrate Father's Day shouldn't be so tough, and yet, it is. But these Happy Father's Day memes should at least be a way to make him smile on his special day!

After all, it's the one day out of each year meant exclusively for dads and for celebrating all of the amazing stuff fathers do for their kids, so wish him a Happy Father's Day in a way that makes him feel special, understood, loved and appreciated.

In addition to loving us — you know, unconditionally — it's our dads who set the tone for what we will expect of men over the course of our entire lives — for better or for worse!

It's dads who make you laugh with their particular sense of humor — i.e., lots and lots of gross/cheesy/corny "dad jokes." It's dads who distract you from your skinned knee with a bad knock-knock joke. It's dads who are willing to let you stay up just a little bit later so that you can see the end of whatever junk you happen to watching on TV.

Sure, dads aren't perfect — no one is — but dads definitely deserve a day just for them on which they are celebrated for all of the ways they make us feel loved and cared for.

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But how exactly to do it? Sure, there's all the traditional stuff — tools, a tie, a card with a baseball bat on it — but those just feel so darn impersonal. How about sending him a funny "Happy Father's Day" meme instead?

Growing up, my dad was not exactly "the traditional dad," so coming up with ideas for what to do to celebrate his special day when Father's Day came around was always a headache. I think if I'd ever just thrown in the towel and bought him a tie he might have ultimately been happier than he was with the weird of assortment of different things I tried to send his way across the years.

Father's Day isn't like a birthday. You don't just want to buy your dad something that you know he'll love, you want to buy (or make) him something that lets him know just what a great dad you think he is.

For me, that's often meant penning cards to my dad, especially now that I'm older. He never used the pen set I got him as a kid (and fair enough) but he absolutely loved the card I wrote him that said, "Thank you for remembering that I needed food and water whenever mom was out of town."

Now that we live in the peak of the internet era, it makes sense that we would all turn to the internet for options for gifts and cards for our fathers. But as great as the internet is, it's also vast and full of all of the awful gifts and sentiments about Father's Day that most of us do our best to try and avoid.

Luckily, I have solved this problem for you with just one word: memes.

Nothing says, "I love you dad, you idiot," like a collection of perfectly selected and totally hilarious Father's Day memes, so that's what I've done — rounded up some of my own personal favorites. They are perfect for your father, for your friend's father, and heck, they are even perfect for people who probably should never have become father's in the first place!

This Father's Day, celebrate with funny memes!

Here are the best funny "Happy Father's Day" memes and corny jokes around for all the dads out there (and to earn your rightful spot as your dad's favorite kid)!

40 Best Happy Father's Day Memes

1. Because who doesn't love an adorable animal-based pun?

"Thought we 'otter' say happy Father's Day!"

2. Today, every dad is Chuck.

"Chuck Norris week? I call it Father's Day."

3. Do you think they celebrate Father's Day at "The Wall"?

"Dad, they may call you the 'mad king' but to me, you're the 'grandfather of dragons'. Happy Father's Day!"

4. Kids, right?

"That face you make of Father's Day when your kid says 'When is it children's day?'"

5. Who would've thought a baby Jabba could be so cute?

"I got my dad's good looks and big personality!"

6. Burn!

"Happy not-the-momma's day!"

7. It's actually a pretty good point...

"A home-made Father's Day gift from your kids seems nice, until you remember kids in other countries make Air Jordans and iPhones."

8. Hey, it just happened.

"Father's Day: Because he's still your Dad, even though he cut off your hand."

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9. Poor meme-obsessed dads.

"When she gives you a Father's Day card, but all your wanted were memes."

10. Not the best way to find out.

"Happy Father's Day! Oh, you didn't know?"

11. Yeah, offering up your daughter to a fire-based religion will do that.

"That moment you realize you won't be getting anything for Father's Day."

12. Get him a Father's Day gift of a gym membership.

"Your dad doesn't lift? Well Happy Mother's Day to your dad!"

13. Does anything say fatherly love more than this?

"Dad, I know you wanted to carry me into the sea and let the waves wash me away. But you didn't. Happy Father's Day!"

14. Who loves puns? Dads love puns!

"I know I won't see you, but Happy Father's Day."

15. Father's Day: The Horror Movie.

"They each got me a tie for Father's Day... Now they are all hanging from them."

16. Cheers to knowing you're a mess!

"To all the men who raised us well, and all the ones who didn't have kids because they knew they wouldn't."

17. It's a cliché for a reason.

"Dad, you've always been like a father to me."

18. It's all good.

"Happy Father's Day from your little mistake."

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19. He's got a point.

"Happy Father's Day! How come nobody ever says, 'Hey Daddy, thanks for knocking out this rent; I sure love this hot water; it's easy to read with all this light.'"

20. How odd...

"What do you mean you didn't get my Father's Day card? Did you check your spam folder???"

21. Because losers can be dads too.

"I would like to wish all fathers, even the haters and losers, a very happy Father's Day."

22. Every dad likes a good The Rock meme.

"Happy Father's Day! You Rock."

23. Dads are the coolest.

"Happy Father's Day. Because fathers are cool."

24. Dad bods are hot.

"To all dads who put the "dad" in dad bod. Happy Father's Day!"

25. Being a dad is hard, so enjoy your Father's Day thoroughly.

"Oh Father's Day... remember you could be doing a lot worse."

26. A good Star Wars meme never hurt.

"Happy Father's Day. Yoda best dad."

27. Maybe not the best Father's Day gift ever.

"You wake up on Father's Day and find this: 'I love my dad'. What would you do?"

28. Dads make the best dog dads, too.

"Happy Father's Day. Still my favorite butt to sniff."

29. Dad, you're the coolest.

"Happy Father's Day, because fathers are cool."

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30. Thanks for always being my rock, dad.

"Happy Father's Day, you rock."

31. Heeereee's daddy!

"Happy Father's Day. Some dads just don't want to be reminded."

32. You're the best, Pop.

"Happy Father's Day, pop pop!"

33. Anchor Man knows how it is.

"Happy Father's Day, because you're kind of a big deal."

34. All dads love a good Chuck Norris meme.

"Happy Father's Day. You deserve it."

35. Celebrate the day that changed everything.

"Happy you-knocked-up-Mom-day!"

36. It may be summer now, but you're still cool, Dad.

"Happy Father's Day! Stay cool on this hot day."

37. Step-dads are great dads, too.

"Happy Father's Day to a stepdad whose disappointment in is so genuine it feels biological."

38. Being a dad isn't always smooth sailing.

"Hope your Father's Day isn't too awkward."

39. Thanks for always doing the dirty work, dad.

"Dad, thanks for picking up my poop. Happy Father's Day."

40. Dad memes are way better than cheesy dad jokes.

"Dad, may your Father's Day be better than your jokes."

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