How Liberating Mars In Aquarius Will Have You Searching For Freedom This Week, Starting May 16th

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Mars moves into Aquarius
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If we don't set ourselves free, no one else will be able to either.

On May 16th, Mars moves into Aquarius. Mars is the planet of ambition and sex, while Aquarius is a freedom-loving zodiac sign; this will leavs us inspired to take off and fly in our lives. More than that, our love horoscope will reflect our determination to be free.

Mars likes action and has no desire to sit around thinking about things; he rarely spends too much time feeling. Instead, he charges ahead, sometimes without regard to what else might be going on, but nevertheless he persists until he accomplishes his goal.

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This entire year has been about us living in our truth. It’s been about breaking up with our pasts or the same old emotional storylines that have kept us caged and small. And it’s also been about how we view relationships and love.

To be free means that we not bound to anyone or anything; it means that we exist by choice not by obligation, and that whatever we do enter into in regards to jobs or relationships, we are doing so with our eyes and hearts wide open.

But often, this idea of freedom is elusive, especially in terms of relationships because we build the cage that we then end up feeling confined by. Instead, this transit is about us waking up to realizing that we are the true creator of our destiny and that we create what we desire from our dreams.

Aquarius is an air sign that is all about freedom, independence, non-conventionality, and creativity. Aquarius doesn’t care if you don’t agree, doesn’t care if it has to change its method a half dozen time, and doesn’t even mind if everyone or anyone else is doing what he is for that matter. Aquarius only really cares about one thing: to not only do things differently, but to do them better and with freedom.

Right around the time when Mars moves into Aquarius, we will be seeing Uranus move into Taurus, which also is heavy with this free yet committed love concept that will permeate our lives in the coming months and years. We have been doing relationships one way since the beginning of time, and now as we begin to usher in the age of Aquarius, we will finally be about doing things how we want to do them, not just how others want us to.

Aquarius can see both sides of any situation and while this sometimes feels like a curse, it’s a gift that allows them to break free from the chains of society in a very polite fashion. They aren’t rude about it like other signs such as Sagittarius can sometimes be, nor are they passive like Pisces; instead, they just have a very cut and dry approach to creating their own independence in this life.

Mars is our most primal instincts and desires, the aspect of ourselves that are most undomesticated and wild. Mars is an extremist; he knows what he wants and doesn’t care who or what stands in the way. And he’s a leader, a provider, and always the life of the party.

But in Aquarius, Mars becomes more focused and driven. As the air qualities of Aquarius touch the fire of Mars, it only ignites the desires and ambitions that live there.

To be free yet focused is one of our strongest aspects that we can harness because then we are being ourselves and following our own hearts. It means that we are making choices centered around how we really are and what we truly want. As Mars moves into this sign, we are apt to see ourselves wanting to make some big changes in our lives, not just as to how we’ve been doing things, but also where and with whom.

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In terms of our relationships, we are going to see the energy of this transit team up with that of Uranus moving into Taurus, which will be giving us some hard octane energy to blast through any situations that we previously have felt stuck in. With Mars in the mix, we are unlikely to debate whether we should or even could but instead move ahead with motivation and inspiration knowing that we are doing what has been a long time coming.

At this point of the year, we are close to being halfway done with it, which means we are likely to be taking some inventory about how far we have come this year and if it aligns with what our purpose felt like at the beginning of the year. We are going to be challenged to see if we’ve kept up our end of the bargain as far as growth or if we became distracted or lagged behind.

Yet regardless of where we are, we still have the ability to get back on track and to stick with what we finished. This year is a time for incredible positive change in our lives and romantically. It’s a time when we are going to have to step up to the plate and do things we’ve never done before in order to actually begin to manifest the life that we have always dreamed of.

Before we can raise our sword in the air and charge the mountain, we first have to have the confidence that we actually can accomplish anything that we set our minds to. It’s about releasing ourselves from the ghosts of our pasts so we are better able to see the gifts of our future.

In life we always have a choice, but our freedom is always in our hands. No one else can set us free but ourselves, and it’s that very act that defines us as free. If we are still waiting for someone else to do what only we ourselves can, then we will never find what we seek and will never feel fulfilled by the life we are living.

Because if we don’t first set ourselves free, no one else will ever be able to either. 

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