How Mercury In Taurus Will Change Things In Your Love Life In A Huge Way On May 13th

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Mercury moves into Taurus
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The first step to making a dream a reality is making a plan.

On May 13th, Mercury moves into Taurus, one of the most determined zodiac signs. Mercury is the planet of communication, and while this planet is sometimes known as the trickster in astrology and can wreak havoc on plans and communication during retrogrades, he’s about to give us a huge boost when it comes to our love horoscope, our relationships and making our dreams a reality.

Since the start of the year, we’ve been thrown into the mix as far as our relationships go. We’ve been asked to overthrow even our most deeply rooted plans and ways of doing things for a dream that felt like we were crazy for even believing. We couldn’t make sense of the feelings blooming inside of us, and the more we tried to deny them, the louder they would call to us.

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As everything in astrology is a building block, we are continuing what began for all of us last month around the time of the first new moon of the year. Now we are out of Mercury’s shadow zone with the lessons of the retrograde becoming increasingly clear, so it’s the perfect time for this talkative, active planet to move into slower and more focused Taurus.

Taurus is a reliable earth sign which means it’s grounded, practical, realistic, calm, straightforward and deliberate about its actions and thoughts. If you need to make a plan or figure out a difficult situation, this sign is your person.

Taurus loves to plan, to take her time and think about the best way to do something. It’s not about feeling pressured or rushing, or even pleasing everyone involved. Instead, it can be wonderfully stubborn because it’s not only about knowing what you want, but being ready to take action to get it.

This earth sign only operates to make things happen and while it can be slower than other more assertive signs like Aries, whatever it actually achieves tends to last longer because of the approach. Mercury in this sign is more comfortable here; he slows down a bit, takes his time, understands that his words carry weight, and that he can take his time and still make the progress.

In terms of our relationships, this means that not only are we going to be better communicators when Mercury moves in Taurus, but we will really be focusing on the realistic plan that we need to put in place to actually have things in our lives change. During this astrological aspect, things will come into focus as far as what we truly want and need, and this is because Mercury doesn’t just rule how we outwardly communicate with others but also how we internally process our feelings and talk to ourselves.

We will be more apt to not only be honest with ourselves about what we are feeling but also about what we want, and where we see ourselves moving in the future. Only when we are honest can we actually start formulating plans that will achieve our hopes and support ourselves and others that are involved.

For many, recently it seems that our great loves have had obstacles involved as of late. People are wondering if things are impossible because it feels like we’re missing something. We have to realize that heading into this transit is when things are meant to change, but sometimes within that space between how we’ve always done things and how we hope to in the future, we become confused or even hopeless.

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To change how we’ve been doing things in our relationships or approaching love, this means that we actually have to change everything about how we do that and sometimes, even if we know we need to, that doesn’t mean we know how.

Mercury rules our cerebral world, which means that we’re going to be thinking more about the romantic situations in our life. But in Taurus we won’t just be overthinking or having anxiety but constructively planning our next steps. For many of us, we will be planning our next steps romantically.

For those of us who are single, it points to us changing how we approach dating and getting to know someone new, possibly even changing the type of person that we usually go for. We may try online dating if we never have, and because of Mercury’s influence we’ll be apt to be more honest about what we are looking for. If newly dating, we will feel ourselves wanting to get to know our partner in new ways through different experiences and activities.

However, for those of us who have been in established relationships, this transit might prove to be the most transformational. It’s the time when we are going to actively start planning for our futures and making important choices which will forever change the course of our lives. This could lead to big moves both figuratively and literally, and we should expect that commitment will be a theme for the remainder not just of this month but also of the eclipse cycle.

Mercury in Taurus is all about thinking things through and making plans towards our future. It’s about being realistic about what lays in the way as possible obstacles but also remaining hopeful of the dream.

A lot is going to change this year, and this month is one of the pivotal moments in which we will truly want to grow and make strides in order to make it happen.

Sometimes life can change in an instant, especially once we realize what it is we truly want and that ultimately nothing can really stop us from getting it. Because the only way to make our dreams come true is to actually sit down and plan for it to happen.

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