Who Is Charlamagne Tha God? New Details About The Man Kanye West Calls 'The New Oprah'

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Bold statement, Yeezy.

Who is Charlamagne tha God? Real name: Leonard McKelvey and he's most well-known for being the co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club with DJEnvy and Angela Yee. He has also been seen on MTV's Guy Code, Girl Code, and Guy Court before hosting another series for MTV2, Uncommon Sense as well as The Wendy Williams Experience.

But why is Charlamagne tha God currently in the news? Rapper Kanye West went on another entertaining Twitter rant where he called the radio host "the new Oprah". Bold statement, Kanye. Bold statement.

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But before we get into that, a little history on Charlamagne: He grew up in Mocks County, South Carolina. He was arrested on drug charges a few times and eventually went to prison. After his release, he went to night school and eventually got a job as a radio intern. That's where the man formally known as Leonard Mckelvey became Charlamagne tha God after reading about the historical Charlemagne who ruled much of western Europe in the early 700's and 800's. Tha God was added because it "sounded cool". 

Here's what we know about Charlamagne the God so far:

1. He has beef with Wendy Williams and her husband.

Charlamagne had a talent for radio talk; he was the second mic to talk show host (and former radio star) Wendy Williams. But when he was on air he ran into trouble with guests because his line of questioning was upfront and abrasive. Eventually, he was laid off.

His relationship with Williams deteriorated and the two haven't been cordial since. “I haven’t talked to her in seven years ... that’s the last time I had a conversation with her,” Charlamagne tells People. “I had a conversation with her husband [Kevin Hunter], but it wasn’t nothing productive — just a bunch of yelling and screaming.” 

Wendy's husband had his own take on Charlamagne, “He was always extremely aggressive in trying to get more money out of situations,” the radio personality writes. “He’d yell at and often threaten people till he got what he wanted … I can’t lie: It’s worked for him and Wendy. But it wasn’t how I wanted to do business.”  

Williams herself took the Mariah Carey route and acts like she doesn't know who he is when asked about her former co-worker. Ouch. “I know why me and her husband fell out, but I don’t know what he said to her,” Charlamagne told People. “I don’t know what her perception is of why her husband says, ‘We don’t mess with him no more.’ 

Being laid off didn't slow down Charlamagne at all. His career took off when he was hired to co-host The Breakfast Club and his television career took off soon after. 

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2. He wrote a self-help book.

Charlamagne wrote his own book Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It. The book is straight "real talk" but also has advice for people. “Always, historically, throughout the ’hood, everybody would come to me with their problems,” Charlamagne says. “Self-help is something that I’ve always been into. I thought I was going to be a psychiatrist.

“Contrary to popular belief, all I want to do is empower people,” he goes on. “I grew up in a rural area. Books are what helped me transcend my circumstances.”

He calls his book a street-smart advice book. He took his experiences, good and bad, that he went through in his life and put it all out there for the public to read. No holding back, every embarrassing, risky, and hard time in his life with straightforward honesty. (Ironic since his straightforwardness was what got him fired before!) 

He even isn't afraid to poke fun at himself in his book. He says that if you write about all of your weaknesses no one can use them against you. “Honesty is a foundation, and it’s usually a solid foundation,” Charlamagne said. “Even if I do get in trouble for what I said, it’s something I can stand on.”

3. Kanye West and Charlamagne had beef — but recently squashed it. 

Yeezy went on another, ahem, entertaining Twitter rant this week where he called Charlamagne, "the new Oprah". People were taken aback since the two have had their share of beef.

Back in 2014, major shade was being thrown between the men over some comments made on stage by West in 2014 saying, "Everybody writing all sh** to f****ng diss me and talk sh**, what the f**k did you do? Charlamagne, Sway, what the f**k you did? F**k you did?" 

The radio personality answered, “Kanye you play the same games, so stop it. You do the exact same things. You tell award shows you aren’t going to show up if you can’t do this. I’ve seen Kanye literally hold people …. he held MTV prisoner until the very last moment. He was like just give me 30 minutes to do whatever I want to do.” 

But now it seems to be nothing but love between the two. Charlamagne was even in LA this past week with the "Famous" rapper. West may have given him a sneak peek of his new album and fans can only hope they'll hear details of Charlamagne and Kanye's secret meeting in due time.

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