Shocking New Details That Prince Used Hard Drugs, Beat Women And Worshipped The Devil, According To Sinead O'Connor Audio Tape

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She also claims he worshipped the devil.

Sinead O'Connor was interviewed over the phone by investigators looking into Prince's death 11 days after he was found unresponsive in his Minneapolis area home. That was two years ago. But yesterday, Carver County Sheriff's investigators released the Sinead O'Connor audio tape in which the troubled Irish singer makes a number of shocking claims about Prince, including that he commonly used hard drugs and that Prince beat women while on drugs. 

O'Connor also claimed Prince was a violent man who flew into drug-fueled rages against women and claimed Prince once locked her in his house and tried to beat her. She managed to escape. In the audio, she said: "I know this because I spent time with the man."

She said it wasn't a good experience and also claimed that Prince had been violent to numerous women in his life. She even claimed some of those women were beaten so violently they had to be hospitalized. 

Sinead recorded Prince's song "Nothing Compares 2 U," which became a worldwide hit. He arguably made her career with that song. 

During the interview, O'Connor also alleged that Prince worshipped the devil. She told investigators, "It's not just drugs he was into, it was darkness."

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On May 2, 2016, Sinead told officers: "In the case of Prince, everyone is mistaken who believes that he did not have a drug habit for the entire of his life. He used hard drugs commonly. I know this because I spent time with him."

She also claimed he did not release his album called "The Black Album" because he had a vision from God after taking a number of drugs. Allegedly, God told him the album was evil and he should not release it. 

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O'Connor also told the police she never saw Prince taking drugs. She conveniently claimed he would go to another room and when he came back, "his eyeballs would disappear." It was in these moments she claimed he would become very violent and aggressive. 

Sinead O'Connor also said that she thinks women will eventually start coming out to speak about their experiences with Prince's violent temper. 

The audio tape of O'Connor's interview with Carver County investigators was released on the same day investigators revealed they wouldn't charge anyone with the 57-year-old singer's death due to a lack of evidence. 

Sinead O'Connor has had a number of mental health issues over the years. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a diagnosis she disagrees with. Instead, she claims she has PTSD and depression. Her legitimacy is suspect; in the past she has made outrageous claims including that Arsenio Hall gave Prince the drugs that killed him. 

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