The Best #Beychella Twitter Reactions To Beyoncé's Record-Breaking Coachella Performance

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All hail Queen B.

Beyoncé is yet again a trending topic on social media after headlining this year's Coachella music and arts festival. The iconic singer was scheduled to appear at last year's Coachella but had to postpone her performance due to her pregnancy; this year's festival marked her first live show since giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir Carter last June.

Beyoncé's comeback show proved to be a spectacle well worth the wait and the singer — whose set marked the first time a black woman has headlined the California festival — was a trending topic almost immediately, sparking hundreds of thousands of social media posts designating the festival #Beychella.

Her epic set, during weekend one of the festival, featured surprise guests like husband Jay-Z, sister Solange and a reuniting of Destiny’s Child.

Her performance broke several records as the most-viewed Coachella performance of all time, gathering over 458K simultaneous viewers on YouTube, ranking it as the most viewed Coachella performance ever.

It was also the most tweeted about and praised Coachella performance and had the longest Coachella dancing sequence that’s ever been onstage. 

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Beyoncé’s groundbreaking performance was also a homage to black music and culture: she had instrumental accompaniment by band members from historically black colleges and universities, her choreography included stepping and marching routines, she sang the black national anthem and incorporated samples from Malcolm X and Nina Simone into her set.

Her legendary performance didn't stop there as weekend two had largely the same admired set list, a whole new eye-popping wardrobe and a special guest cameo by J Balvin performing "Mi Gente".  

If you weren't able to be a part of Beychella this year, do what I'm doing and relive all the moments through the myriad of social media reactions, commentary, and recaps.   

Here are some of the best #Beychella reaction posts on the internet right now:

Her set has inspired renderings from artists everywhere...

Fans already know the choreography...

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Her epic performance was live-streamed giving a chance for fans at home to get in on the action...

They don't call her a queen for nothing, every detail matters...

Soon after weekend one, Beyoncé donated $100K to four historically black colleges and one of the recipients made a special message to thank her.

Many of us have already gotten our 2018 Halloween costumes sorted after witnessing Beychella.

Two Knowles are better than one.


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When will Beyoncé University start taking applications?

Those transitions though...

Beyoncé is utter royalty.

The morning after Beychella.


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