The Type Of Single Woman You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What's your type?

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No two women are exactly the same, nor are the types of single women mirror images of each other, but there are a few general types that most single women seem to fit under. And these categories are not only aligned with our zodiac sign, but with astrology as a whole.

Not every single woman is holding out for their Prince Charming, but some are, and it makes sense that the most romantic single women would probably be a Pisces. According to horoscopes, Pisces tend to be obsessed with fairy tales and romantic fantasy.


Since we’re always changing, our style of being a single woman changes too. After a string of failed romances, you might find yourself much more cynical than romantic. You may pride yourself on being independent and strong, but after years of dating, you may feel done. 

If your style of being single makes you unhappy, then you need to find the positives of not being married or change the way you act as a single woman.

It can sometimes feel as if the world has told you that as a single woman, you're missing out. But if you look at your life, you’ll see how spectacular and complete it is and how you’re having a much better time being alone than lots of people with partners.


Look at what you’re doing. If you’re holding out for someone who is perfect, maybe you need to be more flexible, or if you shy away from getting out there and meeting someone, don’t complain about how you never meet anyone. Be smart, put yourself out there, but at the same time appreciate all the good that’s already in your life.

ARIES: The Jumper Woman

If your partner can't keep your attention, you'll just move on to someone else. Aries like being in relationships, but they love the chase. As long as Aries is stimulated, then things are good; if not, they'll start looking for their next challenge.


They jump from relationship to relationship. To Aries, love is a competitive sport, and they always have to be the winner.

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TAURUS: The Careful Woman

Taurus don't give their trust or their love lightly. You have to be fully vetted before you get anywhere with them. Taurus women take their time and they don't make rash decisions. You have to earn their love.

It may take forever for them to let someone into their heart, but once they do, it will take a lot for them to turn against you. Taurus women are worth it if you have the patience to wait for them to accept you.


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GEMINI: The Commitment-Phobic Woman

The more unavailable someone is, the more attractive they are to the Gemini woman. She likes being able to solve problems and take away roadblocks, but once the pathway is clear, the Gemini woman will lose interest.


She'd rather have a lot of dates, a lot of great conversation, and a ton of sex with a variety of people than settle down with one person. Her partner would have to be incredible and patient for her to consider a long-term relationship, so the Gemini woman will stay single a little longer.

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CANCER: The Family-Ready Woman

The Cancer single woman wants a family, kids, and a comfortable home for everybody to live in. Her biological clock is ticking so loudly that she feels an inordinate amount of pressure to achieve these goals that she's set for herself.

She's more than open for love and sometimes her great desire for it can come off as a little intense or desperate. She just wants what she deserves, and she wants it now.


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LEO: The Versatile Woman

If you see the single Leo woman out, you'll notice how friendly she is and how she charms everyone she comes into contact with. She's very happy with her life, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't be just as happy with a partner and a family.

She knows that she deserves the very best in a partner and she won't give up hope, but in the meantime, she's having fun and living her best life anyway.

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VIRGO: The Actively-Searching Woman



The Virgo woman is up on all the apps, internet dating programs, and has done the research in regard to finding a partner. She's hopeful that eventually, the right person will enter her life at the right time.

She does have a rather long list of qualities that her special someone must possess, but that's okay because it's always good to aim high. 

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LIBRA: The Balanced Woman

The single Libra would love to be in a relationship, but it's not the end of the world if she isn't. The Libra woman tries to be chill about her relationship status. She meets people in a variety of ways and sometimes it works out and she's involved with someone for a while, and sometimes it doesn't.


She tries not to get too attached or too involved until they've proven themselves worthy of her. She knows she's a catch.

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SCORPIO: The Intense Woman

When a Scorpio woman falls for someone, she falls hard and it's extremely difficult for her to let go. If she's been cheated on in the past, that betrayal will stick with her for a long time. Scorpios are known to get somewhat obsessive when it comes to love. They don't look at love as a game but as something much more serious.

They may have exceptionally high sex drives but that doesn't mean they're into casual sex. A Scorpio woman can scare off a potential soulmate because she's so intense.


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SAGITTARIUS: The Cheeky Woman

The Sagittarius single woman enjoys her unmarried status. She doesn't want anyone to hold her back or prevent her from meeting new people. When she's involved with someone she expects them to adore her and forgive her sometimes self-involved attitude.

She knows she's special and she needs her romantic interest to know it too. The Sagittarius woman is in no hurry to settle down and to set down roots. In fact, long-distance relationships are fine by her.

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CAPRICORN: The Practical Woman

The Capricorn woman wants stability and security, and she knows she's perfectly capable of getting those things for herself. She'd love to have a partner to work alongside her in creating a solid foundation for the future, but she's practical enough to know that there's no guarantee that she'll find someone.


She's open to a relationship, but if she doesn't find one, she knows she'll be just fine on her own.

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AQUARIUS: The Independent Woman

The Aquarius woman is fiercely independent and needs autonomy in any relationship she has. She usually has a great career, strong sense of purpose, and she needs a partner who isn't intimidated by her or her success — and that's the tricky part.

The Aquarius woman focuses on her work and goes on the occasional group or blind date. She knows how to enjoy her own company and finding a partner isn't the first thing on her list. She's doing incredible on her own but is still open to someday finding someone — she's just not going to put her life on pause to do it.


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PISCES: The Romantic Woman

A Pisces single woman believes in love, romance, and is secretly waiting for "the one" to come and sweep her off her feet. In the meantime, she's dating a lot, not because she meets the right person all the time, but because she can't stand to hurt anyone's feelings.

If someone asks her out, even if she's not attracted to them at all, she'll say yes. Pisces is one princess who is kissing a lot of frogs so there won't be a lot of broken hearts because of her. It's a numbers game, so eventually, the Pisces woman believes that she'll find her prince. All those bad dates are good material for her artistic leanings anyway.

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