Here's What Each Life Path Number Means And How To Use Numerology To Find Your Life Purpose

What Each Life Path Number In Numerology And How To Use Yours To Find Your Life Purpose
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Do you know your purpose in life?

Numerology is a very strong, yet overlooked tool we can use to find ourselves and face any challenge. If you are familiar with astrology, you might know that your birth sign alone does not define you.

There are other signs at work that make up the wonderful You! The same goes for Numerology. Your Life Path Number is most similar to your Sun Sign — or true self — whereas your Soul Urge Number, for example, is closer to your Moon Sign — inner motivations. Your Life Path Number describes who you are and any challenge or lesson you might face.

How to Find Your Life Path Number:

Grab a sheet of paper or cell phone notepad and you're on your way to figuring out your life path number!

1. Start by writing down your full birthday.

EX: 03/12/1997

2. Add each number up until you reach a single digit.

EX: 03 + 12 + 1997 = 2012 | 20 + 12 = 32 | 3 + 2 = 5

3. The number you end up with is your Life Path Number, congrats!

(EX: 5 is my Life Path Number.)

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Numerology can help a person narrow down what their life purpose is. According to numerology, my Life Path Number reveals to me that I'm here to explore life and that I am a seeker of adventure. Of course, since this is my life path number, and that's what I'm here to learn how to do, I may be risk averse and maybe even shy and introverted. All true!

Here's what each number in numerology means, and you can use this to enhance your understanding of astrology and your zodiac sign. It's important to note that numbers have different meanings in numerology than they do in astrology, so you'll have to take a combination of what each means to deepen your understanding of who you are as a person and adds depth to an understanding of your zodiac sign, too.

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For example, a Leo may have a different challenge when exploring life as a Life Path Number 5. Since Leos tend to be outgoing and attention seeking as defined by their horoscope, they may need to learn how to use adventure to gain insight on how to have fun more or to let others have the limelight every once in a while, too.

The same might be said for another horoscope in astrology who shares the same life path number. The main thing to note is that when you have a life path number this is the area where you will have your greatest challenges and opportunity for growth.

So, don't assume that a life path means that you have this part of your identity all covered! It means that you have now figured out why you are struggling in certain areas and sheds some light on what it is that you need to learn from those experiences that seem negative.

It means that you have found the reason why you are here and what to do to bring focus and grow into an even more amazing human being!

Here is a rundown of what each life path number in numerology means and the character traits associated with each digit. 

Life Path 1: The Leader


One is where everything begins. You are a natural leader and aggressive doer. Brave, courageous, strong, and independent are only a few words to describe who you are.

Your protectiveness can be wonderful if used with compassion, but it can easily lead to expecting praise and submissiveness from others.

Your independence can lead to loneliness since you tend to push people away if they cannot help you, you know what they say, if you need something done, you gotta do it yourself.

Another downside to your innate leadership can be that you view yourself as better than most, leading you to become envious and petty if others try to correct you or challenge your power.

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Life Path 2: The Peacekeeper


Unlike the dominate One, you tend to solve problems with persuasion rather than aggressiveness. You do not like any form of confrontation, so you try not to cause any chaos.

The downside is that you can easily be walked on so you need to learn the signs of manipulation and stand your ground. You are an amazing listener and will bend over backwards to help the ones you care for.

Twos are very loyal and expect others to be the same, however, when others do not give you much attention you can be lead to jealousy and vengeance.  Balance, peace, fairness, and honesty describe you the best.

On the contrary, your passiveness can cause you to hide away into your fantasy and not face the facts, you can have a very hard time making choices that can benefit you only because the change can affect others. Learn to live through your negatives and prosper in your strengths.

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Life Path 3: The Optimist  


Naturally gifted, creative, charming, and witty - you are a born optimist and a child at heart. However, you also possess the negative qualities of a child like your ability to be unaware, disorganized, and the need for guidance.

If something does not go your way, you can become a drama queen. Threes are extremely bright and the life of the party. Your desire for something new and exiting often leads you to procrastination in finishing what you have started.

However, when it comes to someone who means something to you, Threes find every possible way to help - from start to finish, Threes will try to make you see the world through their optimistic eyes.

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Life Path 4: Problem Solver


When you think of Fours - order, logic, stability, and trust come to mind. One of the most patient and dependent people in anyone’s life, you are our problem solver. You are extremely humble yet this can lead to your accomplishments to be looked over and not recognized.

On the bright side, you don’t seem to care much, at the end of the day, as long as you know you did a great job, you’re happy! Your stability can make you seem boring, stubborn, defensive, and downright mean at times.

We seem to forget that you are just being practical in your thinking and that in reality, you are very down-to-earth. Fours are very hard workers that will get things done in the best way they can, however, they expect the same and more from others — leading to others viewing you as a stern being. In all reality, you just know how to get things done.

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Life Path 5: Adaptable

Fives have the characteristics of water - adaptable, energetic, freedom, and independence. You can easily be unpredictable if you are bored or caged in. Fives need constant change and independence - you cannot be told what to do.

You are extremely loyal but irresponsible — you trust all of the wrong people. When it comes to those you love, you dedicate all of your focus and energy, streamlining to a solution to any of their problems.

However, your adaptability, tolerance, and energy drive you to love someone who is unstable and isn’t good for you. Fives need some form of order in their lives, even if the idea seems boring, it’s the best option when it comes to love. Fives are the most compassionate and respectful people and deserve nothing less than the same in return.

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Life Path 6: Responsible

Caring, protective, truthful, and justice mean you have the instincts of a mother. You fix everyone’s problems. You look after them and keep them together. Down-to-earth and harmonious, Sixes easily can form lasting relationships with others.

However, your love and protection can be given to the wrong people. You can easily be taken advantage of and should learn to spot the signs of a bad character. Luckily, if you noticed that you have been wronged in any way, the wrong-doer will surely know once you bring your wrath down upon them.

As a natural nurturer, you expect nothing but the utmost sentimentality form your lovers, but you need to keep in mind that not everyone is a Six, as long as you know your partner is just as supportive and loving as you are, the lack of flowers and chocolate can be forgiven.

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Life Path 7: Philosopher


Your curious and analytical nature make you a born investigator. You harbour both creativity and logic and are able to utilize them in an astounding way. As a real-life Sherlock, your spark and charm often bring you new opportunities to investigate and experience.

Sevens are perfectionists, this can be both a good and bad quality depending on how you use it. Your analytical side leads you to seek the answers to life and death and everything in between — however, this can lead you to become an egocentric pessimistic hermit who might end up finding all the answers in a glass of vodka and an ashtray.

If at peace with yourself, Sevens are quick to love and accept as long as they do not detect any “unusual patterns” in the person. This same thought process can also drive you to shut others who can be good for you out if you are not in the right state of mind.

Try to find stability within your mind, whether that means spending time with friends or reading a good book, you need a little alone time away from the questions of what makes life and more time enjoying life.

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Life Path 8: CEO

Money, power, luxury, success - Eights naturally know a lot about flourishing in any aspect of their life. Your ambition will get you far in your career and your counseling can make you a great mentor.

However, you cannot become everything you wish for yourself without the help and support of others. What is the point of a leader when there are no followers? With no support, you will find yourself stuck, depressed and not growing into the person you once thought about who is now locked up in the back of your mind.

You can grow into an envious person filled with hate, anger, and disapproval. Without others, you can’t survive. Once you find support, there is no holding you back. You crave to live the best life you possibly can, but be careful to not come across as someone petty with their nose in the air.

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Life Path 9: Humanitarian

Love. You are the symbolism of love. You are everyone’s friend, regardless if you know them or not. You will do everything possible to help a person in need. Nines are tolerant, caring, selfless, and innocent.

You do not understand why others do not see the world like you do and become overwhelmed by all of the hate, leading you to depression, and becoming apathetic. The world becomes nothing and falls apart when a Nine is lost within negative energy.

You lose connection with those you love and you forget who you truly are. You try to fit in and become accepted by those around you, even if you have to put on a mask. All you want is love. You are the hopeless romantic that can easily delve into chaos and tragedy.

Your emotions are dramatic either being warm and sunny or ice cold. You need to be true to yourself and surround yourself with loving and supportive people in your life. Because without you, there is no hope for humanity.

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