New Details About The Report That Donald Trump Had A Secret Love Child With A Former Trump Organization Housekeeper

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Donald Trump

His doorman was reportedly paid for his silence.

In the latest Donald Trump expose, Ronan Farrow accused the president of fathering a secret love child in the 80s — and paying off the Trump Tower doorman who was going to come forward with the story in 2015 at the time of the election. 

Dino Sajudin was reportedly paid $30,000 by The National Enquirer's parent company, American Media Inc. after he made claims that Trump father a secret child. The payment was for him to keep quiet about the rumor he heard of Trump having a child with an employee at Trump World Tower in Midtown East. 

The woman was not identified in the report but said the claim was fake. 

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Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen denied knowing anything about the payment and called the love child rumor "baseless." He did, however, recently confirm that he paid pornographic actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 out of his pocket. She claims she had an affair with the married president during the 2016 campaign. 

The doorman released a statement late Thursday afternoon, saying that Donald Trump "produced a child" with a housekeeper. 

Sajudin was reportedly subjected to a $1 million penalty if he broke the agreement with AMI. 

For his piece in The New Yorker, Farrow interviewed six current and former employees who had heard Sajudin's claims. They say that the former doorman gave the publication the names of the mistress and the child and was paid $30,000 for exclusive rights to the story. Meaning, he couldn't share the story with any other publications. 

There is no evidence to back up the rumor, and the father of the alleged family said it was "completely false and ridiculous." 

However, the CEO of AMI has publically confirmed to be a friend of Trump's, and rumor has it that he's been known to buy and bury secrets of the 70-year-old president. 

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And Sajudin was reportedly not the only person paid by AMI to keep quiet about their tales with the president. AMI paid Karen McDougal $150,000 for her alleged affair with Trump. 

Farrow's sources all say they're skeptical about the love child claims, but all said they are sure that AMI purposely shut down the story. Sajudin did pass a lie detector test The Enquirer set up for him, but that only proved that he was being truthful about hearing the rumor. 

RadarOnline, which is AMI's online publication, confirmed that Sajudin made the allegations and acknowledged paying him $30,000. However, they claim that the editor-in-chief decided there wasn't enough evidence to prove the story was true, so they released him from his exclusivity clause. 

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