Crazy New Details About The Florida Woman Who Set Her Ex-Boyfriend On Fire With A Torch After Asking Him To Fix Her Bathroom Sink

Photo: Altamonte Springs Police
Shivon Perez

She allegedly told him that he was "going to pay."

A Florida woman is behind bars after police say she set her ex-boyfriend on fire with a torch. 

Shivon Perez, 38, reportedly asked Bradley Atkins to fix a leaky pipe in her apartment bathroom. As he was lying on the floor, she walked in and started pouring charcoal fluid on him. 

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According to his coworker and neighbors, Atkins didn't notice the torch in Perez's hands until she said: "You're going to pay." He looked down and saw he was on fire. 

While Atkins was trying to put out his burning clothes, he told police that Perez was trying to lock the front door so he couldn't leave. She continued to pour lighter fluid on him and used the torch to light the living room floor on fire as well. 

Before he had started fixing the pipe, Atkins told police that Perez had placed boards all over the apartment's windows. He thought it was odd, but didn't make anything of it at the time. She told him it was to keep the light out. 

His neighbor, Nicole Fadar, heard him screaming after he was set on fire. 

"He was just screaming that she lit me on fire, and he ran out to the middle of the road," Fader said.

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According to his friends, Atkins had recently moved out of the apartment he shared with Perez, who was his on and off again girlfriend. Fadar said she constantly heard them arguing. 

"I heard the screaming and which is like a daily thing with them," Fader said. 


While Atkins recovers in the hospital from severe burns, his friends have started a GoFundMe account to pay for his medical expenses. About $1,000 of the $10,000 goal has been raised at the time of this article. 

"He is now in the hospital with severe burns to his face, upper right side of his chest and back as well as his right arm and hand.  He will be in the hospital for a while and unable to work," the account page reads.

Perez is charged with attempted homicide, arson causing great bodily harm or permanent disfigurement and false imprisonment. 

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